Persian Cat

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What is a Persian Cat?

A Persian cat is...well a cat. It is a long haired cat with a tiny nose ,tiny ears, and short legs. The nose makes the cat's face look flat. It is the most popular cat in North America right now. It is a great cat if you just want company and love.

Where Did the Persian Cat Came From?

It came from Iran. It was very popular in Iran too.When we first got the Persian cat it looked a lot different from now. The nose wasn't so small and the fur wasn't so short. When we first saw the cat we feel in love and it has become the most popular cat in north america.

The Persian Cat's Heath Problems

The persian cat has lots of heath problems but i'm only going to name a few. Once you gwt your cat you should drink it to a veterinarian as soon as possible. You never know what disuses it could have. The cat has breathing problems because it has a tiny nose so you should always cheek on it's breathing. Polycystic kidney disease is very common with older persian cats. You need to brush your cats fur a lot if you don't when the cat is grooming itself it get get lose hair and make a fur ball and the fur ball could get stuck.

Using Your Persian Cat in Contests.

A persian cat can easily win a cat contest with it's cute face and silky fur but you will need to do some thing before you win that prize. You need to groom your cat fur so it doesn't get tangled and all messy. You should keep your cat inside as much as possible. If you don't stuff like mud and dirt can get in the cat's fur and make it dirty. If you do let your cat outside clean it right after if comes back in.