South Africa ( Drakensberg )

It's a wonderful place to visit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Location, Geography, and Climate

In the winter it freezes it reaches to 20 degrees in the morning and at night it goes below 0 degrees.

It is located in south Africa

The geography the name Drakensberg means dragon mountains

Four Steps Needed to Survive

Step 1. Is to build shelter and a fire just in case it is cold and some where to be safe.

Step 2. When you are done with the shelter start looking for food because your going to hungry and look for water too.

Step 3. Don't forget to take your weapons to kill anything you see.

Step 4.If you find a gun in the plane you might want to grab that because they have so wild animals.

Step 5. The last step is to start walking because its a long walk back home

Animal Life

The main animals you might see is a leopard, Frog ,and the Rock Jumper and those are probably the main animal you might see. The leopard is probably helpful because yoiu can take its fur and eat is meat
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Plant Life

The main plant you might see is the Rananculus gramineus, aster Natalensis, and the Anonymous that is all the plants you might see.The Ranunculus is not edible and can not help you and it is poisnous.
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