Human Body Corporation

Large Intestine

What Would Happen Without Me

As my major function, the removal of water from the digestive tract at the end of the digestive process, without me you'd have a much more liquid bowel emission and less control over holding in bowel movements. And you would need to drink more water because the human body would become dehydrated. Also the human body would be stripped from important minerals and ions such as sodium and chloride. As you can see I am a extremely important body part that should not be removed from the body corporation but if you do remove me, you would make the human body require more "management" that would make their life harder and less care-free. I work with the small intestines by getting nutrients from the food the small intestines doesnt digest. The small intestines digests the food and gets most of nutrients from the food. Without the small intestines, you would die.

Facts About the Digestive System

1. The digestive system starts at the mouth

2. The liver is part of the digestive system

3. The liver produces bile for digestion

4. The stomach acid kills bacteria

5. There is good and bad bacteria in the digestive system

6. The large intestines look like a worm, and are located in the lower torso of the human body.

Facts About the Large Intestines

1.last part of the digestive system

2. large intestine has 3 parts

3. its 5 to 8 feet long

4. the intestines look like a worm

5. the health of your skin reflects the health of your large intestines

large intestine