iMovie is an app for apple devices that allows y u to make a video presentation. It also allows you to put in audio and photos. It can be used for school projects.

Explain Everything.

Explain Everything is a education app that allows you to make slide shows and record your voice with them. In past events I have used Explain Everything to teach my friends about adding fractions. There are many buttons and tools to use when you want to enhance the learning experience.


iTrailer is an app in iMovie that allows you to make trailers of your videos. With iTrailer you can not add audio or music so it is useless if you want to make a legitimate video. iTrailer is a app to use to endorse your videos from iMovie.

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is an app to use that you can make slide show presentations about whatever you want. You can add photos and different styles to your slide show. I would use it to endorse my business.


GoAnimate is a website that I use to make animated short videos. I once made a comedy video with GoAnimate. There are many different styles and props and voices for GoAnimate.