By: Marin Hulme

About Me

My name is Marin Hulme, I am 17 years old and I currently am a senior at Coppell High School. The first exposure I had to the world of Journalism was when I took Media and Yearbook at Middle School North, later I took Journalism during the first semester of sophomore year and AV tech with Mrs. Buckley the second. I am now in my second year of KCBY, my school's television show, and I currently hold a role as a Convergence Director. My role of Convergence Director requires me to mediate the communication between KCBY and Sidekick, the school's news paper. Each week we have a schedule that the staff members abide by, and which I enforce them to follow so that no one is confused and so that the process runs smoothly. Another requirement of my position means that I need to help the staff members film and edit their videos. Every week I help at least one group with their video and I am the one that normally approves or doesn't approve the story ideas. My favorite thing to edit is music videos and special feature videos. My goal is to follow a career in mission work or anywhere that God calls me! I enjoy KCBY because I know I can use the skills I acquire in any field I pursue. Now because of my experience over the years I am able to film, edit, wrap cables, set up sets, work lights and do stand-ups in broadcast. This has been a great year of KCBY so far and I am excited for the things I can use my skills for.


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Segment 1-Retriever Run

This was my very first segment that I did with Mis Ford and Holly Swaldi. We have lots of interviewees including the director of the Run and the first place winner. Our audio did was not satisfactory and the piece did not make the show because the wind made the audio sound so bad.
Retreiver Run Convergance Peice

Segment 2- Taylors Night Volleyball Intro

I did this segment by myself and went to the volleyball game to get the footage. This segment has voiceovers done by the anchors and was completed the next day after I filmed it, Wednesday. I learned how to video tape a computer screen without using a camera, instead I used the program QuickTime. This was the intro to the real segment on Coppell Student Media.
Taylors gift

Segment 3- Taylors Night Volleyball

This segment was completed as a peice on Coppell Student Media since it was filmed Tuesday night and had no way of making it on KCBY. This segment was set up at Taylor's Garden at CMSE with Taylor's parents. It was focused on the volleyball night dedicated to Taylor and the seniors. It was probably the most emotional segment especially for the players after they had just played the last game of their high school career for Taylor.
Taylor Storch with Coppell Volleyball

Segment 4-Cornerstone Kitchen

Cornerstone Kitchen was probably my most real world segment I did when Mia and I filmed a kitchen for homeless people and interviewed a homeless man and woman. This segment was important to me because it taught me that even though I'm filming I need to be sensitive to people who might not want to be filmed however real emotion in film is crucial!


Segment 5- Thanksgiving Segment

This segment was probably my most fun segment to do because all of the people I got to interact with. While filming this I realized the difficulties that Special Features face when making a video and how difficult it is to ask people to help you film something that could takes lots of time. I also saw how much your idea may develop while filming something and that it is important to give yourself time to film it.
Thanksgiving Day

Segment 6- Teacher of the Year

This was also a very emotional segment since we were able to capture such raw moments for someone lots of people at the school know. Mrs. Deinhammer the teacher of the year gave us such real responses in her interview and made the segment that much better. Her students also had just experienced the event so their responses were very raw.This segment was fun because I was able to film all in one take, knowing that I had to get footage the first time because you couldn't redo it.


Segment 1-Kara Williams

This was my first convergence that I worked on with Emily Edens. We had a few issues with the position of the parents and the lighting because their house wasn't lit very well. The interview went well because the parents had so much to say and they had lots of pictures of her back with scoliosis and of her during the recovery from her surgery.
Williams Overcomes Scoliosis

Segment 2- Dr. Waldrip

This segment is about the superintendent that was succeed after working for the Coppell Independent School District for over ten years. We took almost 20 minutes to set-up for the interview with the new superintendent and perfected the segment over the week. This segment introduced the new superintendent and showed his vision for Coppell and it's school district.
Dr. Waldrip

Segment 3- Thanksgiving Turkey

This special feature was about what one turkey does when everyone else gets out for Thanksgiving break. It was a last minute turn around that turned from a vision into reality. I really filmed it for fun more than anything and it turned out well because I had a awesome crew to helping me. It took about an hour and a half to film around the school and about an hour to edit it all. I worked with Christian Meyer, Hailey Hess and Marisa Thakady.
Let's Go Ham

Segment 4- Teacher of the Year Announcement

This segment was about the teacher of the year announcement. This was a segment that I was in charge of that required lots of planning in advanced. I coordinated the 3 camera set-up and communicated with the person in charge of the announcement. We filmed the Principal and Assistant Principal as they walked down the hall, while the band followed close behind. Then a camera was set up as they turned the corner to capture the action from a different perspective. Lastly, there was a camera set up in the teachers room to get Mrs. Neal's reaction (the teacher who won). I helped coordinate this process and also worked to get an interview with the teacher of the year before the announcement was made.
TOY announcment

Old Town Coppell

Cheny Justin and I explored the many festivities of Coppell when we visited the Old Town Coppell artisan show. We went early in the morning and filmed the many creatives that came to display their artwork. I got many interviews and was able to interact with people I knew from school and I saw someone I knew from my job. We had difficulty because our battery was running low and there was no place to plug-in a mic, but we made it work.

Valentines Day Blood Drive

I filmed most of this segment since it was during school and Cheny and Justin had class. I had to go down to the gym to get my blood drawn as well so I killed two birds with one stone, by being there to film and by attempting to get my blood drawn. I was able to find great interviewees and learn more about the blood drive than ever before, it was a good experience.
Valentine's Day Blood Drive