by: IsabellaGlorioso

Basic In formation

Element name: Mercury

Symbol: Hg

Atomic number: 80

Atomic mass: 200.59

Group: 12

Period: 6

Color: silvery white

Classification: metallic


*Named after the planet mercury

*Greeks used mercury in ointments

* Romans used it for makeup

*Was found in ancient Egyptian tombs in 1500 BC

*Was known to ancient Chinese and Hindus


*Used to be in thermometers

*Used in explosives

*High-grade paint

*In lights


*Heavy metal


*Liquid metal at room temperature

*Poor conductor of heat

*Fair conductor of electricity

Biology (in humans) & Geology ( in the universe)

*Mercury is not in humans(biology)

*Lakes and rivers


*Earth’s crust


*Silvery white


*Poor heat conductor

*Conductor of electricity

*Liquid metal

*Heavy metal

Interesting Facts

*Called quicksilver

*It was found in Egyptian tombs

*Very dangerous( toxic, poisons, explosive)

*Liquid and solid

*Very dense (denser than water)

*Been used in electric power control switches (thermostats, and some batteries)

*Romans' name for the fleet-footed messenger of the gods called Hermes


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