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Welcome to Our Classroom Newsletter. This Newsletter will focus on month of December and introduction some of the activities that we will have in our room.

Holiday Party

Thursday, Dec. 17th 2015 at 9am

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All parents can sign up to help with this event. We do need some volunteers and the sign up sheet is right outside the door, so sign up as soon as possible.


In our classroom we focus on our PILES, which stands for Physical breaks into two categories fine motor which deals with the small muscles and large motor which deals with you large muscles.Intellectual-cognitive(thinking)-children ability to think, reason and solve problems(your brain is processing). Language-the process of acquiring the capacity to communicate wants, needs,feelings, and thoughts. Emotional-Children feelings about themselves, their self-esteem,and their ability to express feeling. Social-refers to how the children interact and behaves with other children and adults in their lives. Here is a Christmas beginning sounds worksheet that you could help your child with at home. It focus on their language skills. I also have a cognitive Christmas Counting Worksheet.

Christmas Beginning Sound

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Christmas Counting

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I have linked PBS and it could be use as a useful instrument of you would like. It as games that children enjoy and still is educational.


Here are some easy recipes that your child can help you with. They are all healthy.
5 Healthier Christmas Snacks! Toddler friendly! Ritz cracker recipe!

Cold, Ice and Snow Safety

Here is an article to help have another safe winter. Snow can be very dangerous and here are some simple steps to keep you and your child(ren) safe and sound. I want to have a great year with all my students.

Important Dates in December

December 6th-December 14th Hanukkah

December 17th Holiday Party

December 18th Last Day of School

December 24th Christmas Eve

December 25th Christmas

Kwanzaa 26th-January 1st Kwanzaa

January 1st HAPPY NEW YEAR

January 4th Welcome Back to School

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Hoping that you have a great Christmas Break.