Senior Year: Part II: The Musical

And some movie quotes... You'll get it... I think...

A few happy pictures to get your brain mentally prepped for reading my nonsensical words on a page... they're pretty wild... the words, that is... ok, i'll stop rambling... just start reading... NOW.

HI! My name is Holly and I like warm hugs!.. and coffee.. and chocolate... and YOU.

Oh, hey all! I miss you guys so much. I am always thinking of writing to you all and it's just so hard to find the time these days.. At least I can work on this flyer thing during my graphic design classes (shhh...) I am constantly finding myself in the position where I want to tell you guys everything that is going on and I just can't write 7 copies of the same letter... not happening. BUT (there's a bright side to this) I can use this lovely tool and update you all on my life and it's happenings all from here! So here we go I guess (:

"It's a whole family of supers!" - The Incredibles

This ↓ is our most recent sibling photo. We did family pictures in June this past summer! Such a fun day. Plus, I got to wear my Wonder Woman dress NOT on Halloween. So awesome. Rad even.
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This ↓ is my staff of Hugunin Hall this year at Platteville! These are the people I see and work with every day. I am an SA (Senior Assistant) now and I manage these goofballs.
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"Say Geronimo! Bomb's away!" - Sheppard

This ↓ is my first graphic design assignment. The actual assignment was to invent and design a 27th letter of the alphabet. Seems impossible, but it gets better. We had to make it a capital letter that had to fit into the Roman alphabet (the one we use, in case you're not a typography freak like me lol). Oh just wait... there's more! We had to pick a font for it to be in AND we had to ink it by hand! What a pain in my ass haha. I used the above lyrics because I was terrified to start this project, but I just had to jump in. GERONIMO! {P.S. » Check out that song. It's one of my favs at this point in my life!}
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"I'd do anything with you anywhere." - Lee Brice

This ↓ was the last time Craig and I went out to a fancy dinner. This was the end of July, I believe. My first Hibachi grill experience!
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"First thing's first.... I'm NOT a realist." - NOT Iggy Azalea

What I meant to say is... Hi! So above, with the pictures and the words, I gave you a brief summary of my life currently. I'll elaborate now. Let's start with SUMMER and FAMILY! I love them, but I do not want to live with them ever again. Like I've always said, I get along with my family and insurmountable amount, but I have a better rapport with them when I'm away aka out here in the boonies! Living at my parent's house, after not living with the entirety of my family for about 3 years, was awful! They treat me like I'm 13 and want me home by 11 and all of those shenanigans! Bollocks! I got by with a lot of coffee and seeing my Godson Maxton every day. He is such a blessing. The little snot is a sassy 3 year old now. He's great, but he sure knows how to get what he wants from mom and dad.... not from auntie Holly ha. I do spoil him every so often, like trying to teach him how to ride the dog........ what?......... I didn't say that..........?!?! I digress... I love him so much and I miss him.

"You don't have to love me. You don't even have to like me, but you will respect me. You know why? Cuz I'm a boss! I'm bossy!" - Kelis (Bossy)

You're welcome for the blast from the musical past.. I'm not actually the boss, but I kinda feel like it at this moment! Now for the WORK portion of my musical! My new job this year is SA aka Senior Assistant. I manage everything the RAs do, practically. I also hire student workers, keep track of fines, liaise (going for the one-word version of "being the liaison"... I hope it's a thing... or a word too i guess...) information from the boss RD to the RAs, plan large scale/ campus-wide events, keep my RAs sane... the list goes on and on. It's a crazy job, much more administrative than the hands-on RA job, but I like it a lot! Right now it's a bit rough because my boss, RD, took a new job right after the school year started...awful decision in my book.. I'm still a little bitter. So my staff of 10 is currently boss-less. Her job was split up into 6 parts for other RDs to voluntarily take over temporarily. So, needless to say, it's kind of a mad house here. I go to one RD for this, and another for that.. ridiculous if you ask me. This will probably continue until the end of October. The priority deadline for applications for the position is Oct 1... then comes the hiring process and so on. So I'm trying to juggle my staff and school work and other committees LIKE A BOSS! It's pretty crazy, but I think I got this... maybe?! I'll be fine!

Here's your break from words... Enjoy! (:

"..............." - There are no songs about graphic design or school committees/organizations...

So now onto SCHOOL and COMMITTEES/ORGANIZATIONS I'm on! I love my classes! The picture of my 1st graphic design project is my little victory for the month. I was so proud of the f*ing thing... My classes are as follows » Graphic Design I, Illustration I, Photography I, and Printmaking I. Out of all of these printmaking is BY FAR my favorite right now! It is the same teacher as my graphic design class, but it is so much more fun! We are making physical prints, as opposed to printing something off of the computer, and there are a couple of different processes that we're doing. The first one is block printing: We are given little linoleum blocks and we have to carve a design into them, put ink on it, and print it onto a piece of paper. think of a rubber stamp. Same concept, but I'm making the stamp.. the 2nd one is screen printing: You all know what this is, but we have to do it by hand 2 different ways. We have to paint a design on a screen to print on to paper/fabric and the other option is to design something on the computer and use a huge camera exposure thingy to expose our picture to practically burn our designs to a screen! (We just learned that one today... SO COOL!) The 3rd type is etching: We etch a design into a metal plate made of zinc then put it in acid to get rid of the rest, ink it and roll it onto paper. Kinda like a stamp again.. weird, but awesome. And last, but not least, the 4th process we get to do is letterpress: This baby is from the 1920s and is still fully functional! I GEEKED OUT! It's so cool! We can use the original wooden/metal letters that came with it, or we can design something on the computer and have it put in this special printer thing that will fit onto a big block to get printed. We haven't learned this one, but I can't wait! So yeah.. That is the best class. the beauty of it is that we can do whatever we want for designs! WHATEVER WE WANT!!! I'm loving it so much. All of the classes are hard, but they are so satisfying. Seeing my finished products is the best feeling!

As far as the organizations/committees I'm a part of: I am the secretary of the WELS Campus Ministry group, I am the Graphics/PR/Marketing chair for WURHA -a national residence life conference for the state of Wisconsin that we are hosting this year!, and lastly I am now a member of NRHH- this stands for National Residence Hall Honorary- we do volunteer work and recognition of people on campus who do great work in the residence halls and beyond. I must be crazy, right?!?! I love it tho!

"Baby, why don't we just dance." - Josh Turner

Lastly » Craig. The Josh Turner song is because that is "our song". So cheesy, but it's his fault. He was determined to have a song and when I was upset one day, this song was playing and he just pulled me up to dance... Guys, I love him. He is such a blessing in my life. He is so positive and motivational and helps me get through all of the craziness going on in my life! We've been together for a year now.. RIGHT?! It's crazy for me too! I can't believe it's been a year. It has been a great year. We talk about getting married and having kids and making a life together in the future. He says stuff like "when we're married..." or "don't worry, we'll be married in about 2 years." or "we can't get engaged when you have 2 years of school left. just wait a year and you can have your last year in college to show off a ring." or "i saw this house on the drive and it's kinda like the one i pictured us having." or "i love you and i miss you and why aren't we married yet so i can wake up to you every morning?!"... I can't handle it. I cry of happy. He couldn't fathom going a month without seeing me so when we were talking about me going back to school this school year, this was our conversation: ~ H→ I was thinking I'll see you AT LEAST every month if not twice in a month. It'll be hard, but we can do it. C→ I don't know if that's acceptable. I'll come out every other weekend. I need to see you. H→ What?! That's a lot of gas and travel time.. C→ I don't care. You're worth it. ~ Yeah, guys, yeah. I wish I could tell y'all this in person; it would be so much easier and harder all at once. This summer we were around my family a lot, so he really got to know my family (both sides aka all of the aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, etc.) and they all love him. My Grandma Nygaard is telling all of her friends that I'm the next one getting married lol. Lucas and Jacob have the biggest man-crushes on him. STORY TIME!!!! Ok, so that ALS ice bucket challenge thing... My brother Lucas gets nominated by someone at school... (the kid is 12, 7th He makes this video and has Jacob post it on Facebook. I go on FB the next day and see that I'm tagged in something. It was the funniest thing when I watched because the first person Lucas nominated was Craig... and then he giggled... as if Craig was going to kill him for doing that lol. It was the cutest thing ever. All summer when Craig would come over, Lucas would ask him to play basketball or go to the batting cages with him. Craig doesn't understand this quite yet, but his attractiveness level goes up when I see him being nice and hanging out with my little brother as if he is his own brother. SO CUTE!!! I could go on and on.. #cheesylyricshere

"How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard." - Winnie the Pooh

Well, I think that is enough of my rambling for one night. I just realized that I usually do these in parts, but I just banged this puppy out in like 3 hours! By the way, all of the lyrics and quotes weren't planned... they were my attempts at being funny and hence I altered my title to read My Musical... thinking that I'm funny... I digress.

I love and miss you all and I hope I get to hear about your lives too! I can't wait to see you all!!! XOXO


Holly = Wonder Woman = Hollis (what a lot of people are calling me these days...)