Should Aussie Kids Trick or Treat

By Brendon

Why Aussie Kids should Trick or Treat

Trick or Treating is a fun way to enjoy halloween, but it is not really an Australian tradition. Trick or Treating is a way to get lollies and dress up in a sort of scary way. Most kids enjoy it because it is a way you can get lollies for free! I think all Aussies should Trick or Treat.

Lollies for Free

If your a kid one thing you would enjoy will be getting lollies, especially for free! On Halloween most kids go out for lollies. It is a easy way to spoil your kids for free. Lollies are kids favourite food usually. They will get a lot of lollies so you want need to spoil them for a while.

Getting Kids out of the house

Trick or Treating is a easy way to get kids out of the house for a little while. You can relax and dont need to worry about kids in the house because they are out Trick or Treating. It keeps them occupied when they are out of the house and when they are back because they have a lot of lollies to eat.

Dressing Up can be fun

Kids dressing up can be a lot of fun for them. Kids can dress up as anything for halloween even a fairy. It can be anything because it is about fun for them. They can dress up and make their friends laugh and enjoy their time outside