ANZAC Day Two-Ups Tournament

By Gemma Parsons

What is Two-Ups?

Two-Ups is a traditional Australia gambling game played by the ANZACs when they were fighting in Gallipoli in the first World War. During World War 1, after Britain got invloved, Australia was the main soruce of soldiers for the Allies. Thousands of Australians enlisted for the war and were sent to Gallipoli to fight the Turkish, who were with the Central Powers and to the Western Front in France to fight German armies.

How to play Two-Ups

In Two-Ups there is a desiganted 'spinner' throwing two or three coins into the air. Players bet money on whether it will be heads or tails. This game is played in pubs and RSLs all day on ANZAC day and the Tournament will take place in RSls all over the country and by the end of the day there will be one champion.

How did World War 1 start?

The were many differnt attributes that contributed to the start of the Great War. Some of those being Alliances made between countries, Austria-Hungary taking over Bosnia making Serbia angry, the 'Race for Africa' and the 'Age of Imperialism' and Archduke Franz Ferdinand killed by Serbian terrorists.

Here is a video explaining how each country got invloved.

The Impact of War on Australia

During World War One, when men were sent of into battle from Australia, they were leaving behind a country in a mess. Australia was divided in their opinions on the war, some for and some against. Those that were against were looked down upon and were punished. This led to the government passing a law to restrict freedom of speech, freedom of association and freedom of the press in 1915. Then by 1916 not enough men were enlisting for the war after realising what horrors lied before them if they were to go. Therefore this caused the government to issue a referendum for conscript. This added to the already divided Asutralia, seperating it even more. There were heaps of campaigns for and against conscription, but in the end conscription was defeated and Australians kept their right to decide whether to go into battle or not.

The significance of anzac day for australians

ANZAC Day is a signfifcant day for Australia, holding with it a lot of meaning for different people. Some people have grandparents that fought at Gallipoli, some people don't, but on ANZAC Day Australia stops and pays respect to those who fought and died for this great country. It is a very iconic day and symbolizes patriotism, respect, unity and war. It has a strong meaning for Australians and is an important celebration and must be given the respect it deserves.


Anzac Day Two-Ups Tournament

Thursday, April 25th, 8am-10pm


The tournament will take place at RSLs all over the country. You can only enter before ANZAC Day, not on the day. Throughout the day people will be competing against each other and the winners will move up the ladder that we will have on our facebook page. At 10pm the two finalists will meet in the closest state (if from different states) and compete for the title of Two-Ups champion.

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Must be 18 years or older to enter.