Sleep Genius

Nicholas Douglas

The Benefits of this app

The Sleep Genius obviously helps your sleep, but how. Well when your going to bed it will help you hit your target zone (15 minutes) of what time you want to go to bed.

  • Revive Cycle Alarm: The alarm you set on this will prevent the annoying alarm you always wake to in the morning. It gradually wakes you up a couple of minutes before the actually time by shifting the alarm volume so you don't suddenly wake up and wake up naturally.
  • Relaxation program: This feature on the app helps calm your mind and body by listening to modified relaxationing music that will calm yourself and clear your thoughts
  • Power Naps: To recharge your brain after a long day I recommend using this short and helpful power nap to refresh yourself for the day

My thoughts

This app is my opinion helps me get my sleep schedules down on point, but I recommend this app to people who have terrible sleep schedules. This is a safe and friendly app that none of your personal information would be leaked. I do recommend this app to kids who wake up grumpy in the morning