Third Grade News from Mrs. C

March 23-27th

Tidbits From the Teacher

Homework will be changing the week after spring break! Students will receive a customized homework page from me on Monday, March 23rd. Homework will no longer be placed on the website.

We are super appreciative of Avery's gift of new pens for our room. The class LOVES them!!!

Class Wish List

Lysol wipes

AA batteries- we are completely out and our flashlights are dark...

Dates to Remember

Mar. 16th: Parent Survey closes (click here to take survey- we're racing England parents)

March 16-20th: Spring Break!!

March 23rd: Homework changes for Mrs. C's class!

April 2nd: Autism Awareness Day- everyone wear blue!

April 3rd: No school!

April 10th: School Carnival 4:30-7:30

April 21st: STAAR math test for 3rd grade (no visitors on campus)

April 22nd: STAAR reading test for 3rd grade (no visitors on campus)

What We're Studying and Learning...

Reading: We will be continuing our work with main events of a plot and how to best summarize the story. We are getting better at finding the most important details that need to be added! Once we summarize a story, we are starting to use this information to decide the theme of the story and to think about how characters changed because of actions in the story.

Writing: We are going to work on fiction stories for a bit longer. We'll make sure to develop a good lead and have a strong ending. We'll begin using a rubric to check for story development and to make sure editing and revisions have been done!

Grammar/Spelling/Handwriting: More and more students are transitioning to cursive handwriting! I encourage everyone to practice at home when you have free time. PARENTS- you should be writing notes in cursive so everyone can practice reading it! Just be sure to use your best third grade handwriting so the kids can understand what your message is!! (THAT'S the hardest part!!!!!!) We'll continue with our Daily Language Reviews and Spelling work in class.

Math: We will be continuing our practice of multiple step problems that involve a variety of topics: addition, subtraction, multiplication, rounding, etc. All problems are modeled after problems that were tricky on our last STAAR practice test.

Social Studies/Science: We are studying food chains!! This is such a super fun unit and we always have fun creating and checking food chains. We'll be looking at how food chains begin with the sun's energy which grows plants which herbivores eat which are eaten in turn by carnivores. We'll study what effects extinction and overpopulation have on food chains as well.