Autism Society

Central Wisconsin Chapter

What is Autism Society: Central Wisconsin Chapter?

The Central Wisconsin Chapter is a non-profit organization that provides support for families who encounter autism or for individuals that are diagnosed with autism in Central Wisconsin. This particular chapter of Autism Society has evolved greatly. When it started, it was not affiliated with Autism Society, it was just a support group for parents who had children with autism. Fifteen years ago, this support group applied to become a chapter of Autism Society. Autism Society as a whole has evolved as well. Wisconsin handles larger political issues and then the nation handles national issues.

Types of Interactions and Services Provided

Primarily, Autism Society: Central Wisconsin Chapter is for parental interactions. They provide support groups, therapists, and hosts a state-wide convention in April where parents are able to receive resources. They also periodically host family fun nights. Autism Society: Central Wisconsin Chapter does not interact widely with schools because all workers are volunteers and not trained professionals per say. However, they do have a lot of youth interactions. There are three interaction groups (based on age) for individuals with autism. Parents bring their children to these interaction groups to have social experiences. Not only does Autism Society provide support and interaction groups, they provide referrals (e.g. I am having this problem, where do I go or what do I do?), information, and host educational seminars. You are eligible for these interactions and services if your family is linked to the autistic community.

About Us

Autism Society of Central Wisconsin does not have an office, but you are able to contact them 24/7. Most individuals find out about through Autsim Society: Central Wisconsin Chapter through word of mouth or lately via Facebook.

Link to IEP and the Transition Process

Since Autism Waiver: Central Wisconsin Chapter is not very active in the schools, their link to an IEP is not very strong. However, they do provide counseling for parents who are going to an IEP meeting For the transition process, they provide social groups for all ages. However, the most popular social group is the age group of 18-25 years old. In this group they talk about the transition after high school. They also provide a support groups and training sessions so parents can encounter transition smoothly.

How is Autsim Society: Central Wisconsin Chapter Funded and Evaluated?

Since the society is a volunteer-based organization, 5% of funding comes from membership fees. The other 95% of funding comes from fundraisers and donations. The Central Wisconsin Chapter is evaluated by Autism Society. They evaluate if the criteria Autism Society sets forth meet certain benchmarks. Autism Society: Central Wisconsin Chapter is also evaluated by the government to make sure they are fitting the non-profit status guidelines.