Third and Fourth Grade

Mrs. Walcott's Class

How we Organize Ourselves

Central Idea:

People organize themselves by creating structures and practices that enable sequence and flow.

Lines of Inquiry:

  • There are many types of structures - figurative and literal.
  • Structures can be weak or strong depending on their foundation.
  • Planning and reflecting are important parts of a process.

Action outside of the class

AlhumduAllah the students are really becoming active outside of the classroom and are wanting to demonstrate all that they are learning and doing outside of school. To foster this I would like to invite students to "share" on Friday. I will set aside a small amount of time for the students to show something that they did/ learned outside of school. This week Hanan presented a research project on Malala Yousafzai to the class demonstrating what she learned through her independent research project. Jenna also has a presentation that she is planning for coming next week! I can't wait, I am so excited to see what motivates and interests the students outside of class. In the past we have already done several student initiated presentations already. Thank you to Isa (circuits presentation), Hamza (movie production), Samha (science crystals) and Amina (robot project) for also taking action outside of the class to follow your interests and share what you have learned.
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Highlights from this week

President Obama's Visit to ISB

Students were able to experience their role in citizenship here in America by watching President Obama's speech during his visit to ISB this week. Three of our students went to meet The President including Jenna, Ayah, and Yasmeen. Upon return they were able to share with us their experience and answer questions that the class had. What a unique opportunity!

A Quick Note

Managebac contains a calendar which is where parents will be able to see a small glimpse of what we are doing in class. Please note that - Managebac is also a planning tool for me as a teacher and assignments will be moved based on what was mastered daily by students. Please be sure to check managebac regularly!

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