The War Of 1812

Created by: Kaity Johnson

I am going explain to you about the sequence of events during"War of 1812".

Leading up to the war

  • Both France and Great Britain threatened to attack american ships and take their cargo
  • Great Britain also angered the U.S. by capturing sailors from american ships

War with Great Britain begins

  • War hawks argued in favor of war against Great Britain
  • One reason war hawks wanted war was because of attacks on american ships

The war at Sea

  • The american warship USS constitution defeated a British warship
  • British cannonballs seemed to bounce off the USS constitution. The US won!

Battles on land

  • The British attacked Washington D.C. in August 1814
  • Finally, the British gave up!
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Fighting for New Orleans

  • They signed a peace treaty
  • The British attack the port of New Orleans

The Return of peace

  • Britain and France ended in 1815
  • Battle of New Orleans was victory for the U.S.