Edgar Allan Poe

Famous for short stories


Edgar Allan Poe was born 1/19/1809 and lived until 10/27/1849. In that time period there were no treatments for rabies or alcoholism. His stories were inspired by deaths of friends or family that had died. He wrote horror and mystery stories. "The Raven" being a poem he challenged himself to write over 108 words, meeting his goal. Edgar was eventually hospitalized for rabies, and at the time he was looked at as being drunk. Today rabies is treated with vaccinations.

Interesting facts

When his writing career began , he wrote under Edgar Allan Poe, assuming both surnames. Today his stories are still compelling as they were over a century ago. Due to his obsession with cats, he often wrote with a cat on his shoulder.


Disoriented- term used for being drunk.

Tuberculosis- disease caused by airborne bacteria that causes death

Rabies- disease caused by being bitten by wild animal

Acquaintance- friend or associate

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