Hurricane Sandy

October 22 2012 - November 2 2012

Location, Involved Rivers, and Affected Areas

Hurricane Sandy went across the East Cost of the U.S and in the Caribbean area. The Pacific Ocean was involved in Hurricane Sandy and it affected the East Cost of the U.S and the Caribbean area.
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This is a photo in helicopter view of the rolercoaster in New Jeresy

Recovery and Flood Control Measures.

The People sent out flood warnings and told people to evacuate areas that were going to be flooded. the recovery took until mid November.
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This is the map of where Hurricane Sandy had hit the U.S and the Caribbean


1) Hurricane Sandy was a post-tropical cyclone that went through the Caribbean and east cost of the untied states.

2) The National Hurricane Center said it was 820 miles at its widest

3) The total amount of deaths counted was 285. 125 of those death were in the U.S

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This photo was taken in Westhampton New York