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Newsletter - Friday 16 June 2023

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On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, Year 10 students along with their parent and carers met with staff from the College to discuss students’ academic pathways to both Year 11 2024 and also post school pathways. These Mentee interviews serve as a significant milestone in our students' academic journey as it is through these interviews that our students receive invaluable guidance and advice from staff, helping them make informed decisions regarding their subject choices for the final years of their high school education or the next steps that need to be undertaken for those students who may be considering other pathways.

The involvement of parents and carers in these interviews reinforces for our students the importance of education but as well fosters a strong partnership between the school, parents, and students. Thank you parents – your presence has demonstrated a strong commitment to your child's education and future, and we are truly grateful for your involvement. If you have any further questions or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Together, let's continue to nurture and empower your children to grow their love of learning to achieve their full potential.


Parent Teacher Meetings for Years 7 to 10 will be held in the first week of Term 3. Monday 17 July will be face to face meetings and Thursday 20 July, after school parent teacher meetings will be via Zoom.

These meeting are important in fostering a strong partnership between you, as parents and carers, and our teaching staff. The meetings serve as a valuable opportunity to hear how your child is tracking academically and socially, as well as answer any questions you may have about school life.

Some additional reasons to attend our parent teacher meetings are that:

  • You can strengthen the partnership with your child's teacher, ensuring a supportive and nurturing learning environment both at home and in the classroom.

  • You will have the opportunity to discuss areas of strength, identifying areas that need improvement, or addressing any concerns, these conversations are vital in gaining a comprehensive picture of your child's progress. Additionally the insights gained during these meetings from you help teachers tailor their instruction to meet your child’s individual needs.

  • Whether attending the meeting face-to-face or virtually via Zoom, your engagement showcases the importance you place on your child's education and motivates them to take their learning seriously.

  • By providing parent-teacher meetings both face-to-face and via Zoom, we aim to bridge the gap between home and school, ensuring that all parents can actively participate, regardless of their work geographical location or other activities and commitments that make it difficult to attend meetings in person.

Please review the information provided through Compass about how to make the relevant bookings for these very important meetings.

Warm regards

Mrs Kerrie Piatek


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As we near the end of Term 2, it is crucial for us to address a topic of utmost importance: school attendance. At St Benedict's, we strongly believe that attendance plays a pivotal role in the academic journey and personal growth of our students. Every day at school offers unique learning opportunities, building blocks for your educational journey. Each class, discussion, and assignment contributes to your intellectual growth and understanding. Regular attendance allows you to grasp key concepts, engage in classroom activities, and actively participate in discussions. Missing school means missing out on these vital building blocks, which can create gaps in your knowledge and hinder future academic progress. Here are some other benefits of regular attendance at school.

Active Learning and Collaboration:

School is not just about textbooks and exams; it's a vibrant environment for active learning and collaboration. Classroom interactions, group projects, and debates provide valuable opportunities to develop critical thinking skills, improve communication abilities, and foster teamwork. By being present in school, you can engage in these collaborative activities, benefit from diverse perspectives, and enhance your social skills.

Personalised Support:

Our dedicated and passionate teachers are here to support your academic journey. When you attend school regularly, you have immediate access to their expertise, guidance, and personalised assistance. They can address your questions, provide clarifications, and offer valuable insights that might not be available elsewhere. Additionally, your peers can also contribute to your learning experience, offering different perspectives and ideas that broaden your horizons.

Establishing Discipline and Resilience:

Regular attendance instils discipline and a sense of responsibility. By showing up consistently, you develop habits that extend beyond the classroom. The ability to commit, persevere, and follow through with your responsibilities are crucial life skills that contribute to personal and professional success. Consistent attendance builds resilience, teaching you to overcome challenges and adapt to different learning environments.

Meeting Curriculum Requirements:

In New South Wales, the Education Act 1990 stipulates that students between the ages of six and seventeen must attend school regularly. Consistent attendance ensures compliance with legal requirements and prepares you for future educational endeavours. Moreover, good attendance is valued by universities, employers, and other institutions as a reflection of your dedication and commitment.

In addition to regular attendance, punctuality is a fundamental aspect of a successful academic journey. Arriving on time to school sets a positive tone for the day and ensures that you don't miss any important instructions or announcements. Punctuality demonstrates respect for your teachers, classmates, and the learning environment as a whole. It also helps you develop a valuable life skill that will benefit you in various aspects of your future endeavours. By being punctual, you cultivate a sense of discipline, responsibility, and time management, setting a strong foundation for your personal and professional life.

We understand that occasional absences due to illness or personal reasons are inevitable. However, we urge all students and parents to prioritise attendance and minimise absences as much as possible. Regular communication between parents, students, and school administration is vital to ensure that any barriers to attendance are addressed promptly.

By prioritising both attendance and punctuality, you are not only maximising your own potential but also contributing to the overall success of our school community. Together, let's embrace the values of regular attendance and punctuality, empowering ourselves for a bright and prosperous future.

Mr Michael Turner

Assistant Principal

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Today (Friday 16 June 2023) is the Solemnity of The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus –

I have included a beautiful reflection from David Kruse from the Archdiocese of Brisbane.

I have subscribed to their DAILY REFLECTIONS - short beautiful pieces from various writers - Priests, Theologians, Teachers.

A series of theological reflections on the gospel of the day, intended to help us consider what our faith is calling us to as we travel through Lent, Eastertide and beyond . A one page written reflection each weekday.

What’s Your Heart Like?

I am gentle and humble in heart” [Matthew 11:29]

The heart is a symbol just as much as it is a physical organ. We talk about our loves, temperaments, and desires just as often as we talk about our aortic health. Who knows why we make this association between the organ and the spiritual centre of our being.

We are invited today to reflect on the two most important hearts in our lives: our own heart and Jesus’ heart.

It takes courage to be willing to face the reality of our own hearts, but even more courage to face the reality of Jesus’ heart. The heart of Jesus is one of an unspeakably radical love.

The love of the most passionate of martyrs, poets, warriors, kings, lovers or learners are nothing compared to the unspeakable love that flows from the heart of Jesus.

If we ponder for a moment the rupturing, beating heart of Jesus who at the most intense climax of his suffering said, “forgive them for they do not know what they are doing” (Lk. 23:34), it becomes clear that the heart of Jesus throbs with fiery love stronger than the most gruesome pain and stronger than death.

Yet Jesus’ heart is gentle and humble.

What is your heart like? As I reflect on my own heart, I ask questions.

  • What do I dwell on daily?

  • What people do I love, or struggle to love, and why?

  • Am I courageous, passionate, freely in love or am I a coward, hiding in the shadows of selfishness and deceit?

As we reflect today, we ask for a breath of life, a transfer of love from the Sacred Heart of Jesus to our own, so that we may be more like Jesus in all things.

Year 12 Student Leaders Zoom With The Bishop

Wednesday 7 June our Year 12 Leaders had the opportunity to ZOOM with Bishop Brian Mascord DD, Director of Schools Peter Hill and other Year 12 Leaders from schools across the Wollongong Diocese. Year 12 had the opportunity to share on the ZOOM what has been happening in the College plus what is coming up. They were thrilled to share about our Feast Day Mass and celebrations as well as their TRIVIA NIGHT.

Cross Generational Workshop

I am sure that some of you have watched on the ABC - Old People's Home For 4 Year Olds.

Last year Old People's Home for Teenagers aired and was a compelling new intergenerational experiment. Older adults are brought together with teenagers to see if the power of this intergenerational program can transform the lives of older people and teenagers amid an epidemic of loneliness. With social isolation and loneliness on the rise, it’s important to find ways for people in the community to connect and ultimately enhance each other’s lives.

What are intergenerational relationships?

Intergenerational (or cross-generational) relationships are when people who are born in different generations, usually young people with their elders, spend time together and form friendships. These relationships are mutually beneficial, as the older person often becomes a mentor, sharing their knowledge and experience, and the younger person provides socialisation and joy, providing them with a sense of fulfilment and purpose. These intergenerational relationships can also fill a void for children who do not have a grandparent present in their lives.

Socialisation and health benefits

Bringing the different generations together has many social and health benefits.

  • Mental health improvement with reduced feelings of isolation and loneliness

  • Increased social engagement can help with memory, cognitive stimulation and communication.

  • Skill sharing occurs, especially with technology, learning skills and hobbies.

  • It gives older adults a sense of purpose and helps younger generations have a greater respect for and value of older adults.

  • It helps keep stories, languages and history alive within families and the greater community.

The Cross Generational Workshop concluded last week. Yes it was about our students assisting seniors from our local community with their use of technology and how to use their devices. But to be honest this program is more than that - it is the relationships and connections that developed and grew between the seniors and the students over the 6 weeks the program ran. It saw a development of patience and understanding by our students especially for the students in Year 8 who were involved. One of the seniors mentioned that visiting our students was the highlight of her week - the students were very friendly and always sought to find ways to help her but also to get to know her too.

Mrs Kimberley Logue

Director of Mission and Vision

Religious Education Coordinator

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The College will hold Parent/Teacher/Student Meetings for all Year 7-10 students and their parents/carers in week 1, Term 3.

  • Monday 17July – 8.30am -3.00pm These will be face to face interviews.
  • Thursday 20 July – 3.30pm- 8.30pm via Zoom.

Parents will be able to book in for Parent / Teacher meetings through Compass Conferences booking system.

Bookings will open at 9.00am on Thursday 22 June and close Wednesday 28 June at 2.00pm.


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Ms Wendy Fawbert
Director of Teaching and Learning
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Information in this calendar list is correct at the time of publication but is subject to change without notice.

  • Monday 19 June - DIO Hockey Open Boys & Girls
  • Tuesday 20 June - Year 12 Physics ANSTO Excursion
  • Tuesday 20 June - MISA Dance Festival
  • Tuesday 20 June - Mater Dei Athletics Carnival
  • Thursday 22 June - DIO Soccer Senior Boys
  • Friday 23 June - Year 9 Olympian Visit (Period 1 & Period 2)
  • Friday 30 June - Last day of term - Staff Development Day (Staff Only)
  • Monday 17 July - Face to Face Parent Teacher Interviews for Year 7 - 10 (Pupil Free Day)
  • Tuesday 18 July - Term 3 Commences for all students
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On Tuesday 30 May Ms. Hawkins organised an incursion for our Year 12 Modern History Class. Ken Webb - the author of many of our Year 11 and 12 Modern History textbooks - came in to lecture the class on Stalinism/ totalitarianism and Nazi Foreign Policy, both of which are relevant to our HSC studies. Ken Webb had somewhat of a 'cult following' from specific class members, so needless to say this was a long-awaited event the entire class was looking forward to, and the spread of cakes and warm drinks Ms. Hawkins supplied was a delightful surprise.

The lectures were engaging and insightful, giving us a new perspective on the previously mentioned topics, and allowing all who participated to grasp a deeper meaning and new perspective from a very qualified and 'veteran' educator.

Overall, the lecture was enjoyable for the whole class and I believe I speak on behalf of the whole class when I say that we are very grateful for Ms. Hawkins's efforts to organise the incursion.

Ronan Camilleri - Year 12 Modern History

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Numeracy Zone - Week 8


During Term 2, I have had the privilege of working with both Science and Mathematics classes as well as senior Geography classes. This has allowed me to engage with student learning and interact with their learning.

Class visits are an effective tool for not only students but also teachers. By witnessing different teaching styles, we can gain insights into new techniques and approaches that can enhance our own instruction.

Furthermore, class visits can provide valuable opportunities for students to engage with others. This exposure to new ideas and perspectives can help students broaden their understanding of the world and make meaningful connections between classroom learning and real-world experiences.

Here at St Benedicts, we want to foster a sense of community among students and teachers by providing opportunities for them to interact with each other in different contexts. This can help build relationships, create a positive learning environment, and improve overall morale.

Year 9 Maths - Linear Equations

Student sample (1st /3rd image) Teacher instruction (2nd image)

Year 8 Maths - Angles

Suzanne Seychell

Mackillop Gold / Numeracy Coach

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The NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge 2023 commenced 27 February 2023 with the challenge to read 20 books before Friday 18August 2023. To date we have three students who have already completed the challenge and many who will successfully complete the challenge by the due date. These students will receive a prize pack for the Library just for participating and successful challengers will receive a Certificate from the Office of the NSW Premier which will be awarded at the College Assembly in Term 4. In addition, these students will also receive House points for every book read.

It’s not too late to register - come to the Library for more information. It’s easier than you might think as books read since September last year can be added to the reading log.


As always, check out the Oliver homepage for:-

  • New resources
  • Sora (our digital platform for audio and ebooks and magazines)
  • Access to Ebsco Databases
  • Referencing Guides
  • Spark Notes
  • Sydney Morning Herald Subscription
  • ClickView
  • State Library
  • Competitions and events in the Library
  • …..and many more!


Our next exciting competition will be ‘Design a Book Cover’ You can use your designer skills by way of original artwork or digitally generated. You must include in your Book Cover design a Title, the Author and Illustrator (that’s you) and the genre (yes Manga is included). The more authentic you can make your book cover the better and there are great prizes on offer.

Keep an eye on the Oliver Home Page for more information.

Happy reading

The Library Team

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Year 9 recently completed a writing task assessing the benefits and disadvantages of renewable energies. Today students were given samples of quality answers and asked to critique the pieces of work. Students commented on the setting out of the writing, the real world examples included and the evidence to back up statements. The class also pointed out the reliability of the writing styles. Students compared these sample answers to their own writing to highlight their areas of improvement and strength.

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Year 7 Digital Technology has been exploring different career options and skills in the field of Digital Technology. In addition to learning how computers display images with pixels, they have been developing their skills in graphic design to use Adobe Illustrator to draw cats. They have all put their own creative spin on the cats that they have created as well as learned how to use new software. The students have really enjoyed this challenge, and have produced some fantastic results!

Congratulations Year 7!

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Year 9 MISA Debating

As the season draws to a close I would like to express how proud I am of the following legendary students in the Year 9 Debating Team:

First Speaker: Kalpana Nandan

Second Speaker: Natasha Jeffriess

Third/Fourth Speaker: Agnes Jinu, Nathan Mining, Ava Prior, Daniel O'Malley, Mia Theodossiou

This very talented group of students came together to argue their way through a number of challenging topics this season including:

- That cigarettes and vaping should be made illegal

- That high school students should be allowed to create their own curriculum

- That government healthcare should prioritise the elderly

- That social media is detrimental to society

- That our culture over-glorifies sport

- That we should allow emergency workers to strike

Each member of team certainly developed their skills over the course of the season, proving themselves to be tough competition, defeating a number of strong teams in some closely fought debates. The students all proved themselves to be discerning critical thinkers and articulate confident public speakers.

The team finished the season in third place in the South Zone. Well done team!

Year 7 Debating

Recently we had a very keen group of Year 7 students attend the Year 7 Debating Workshop at John Therry Catholic High School. These students enthusiastically engaged in the activities on the day, learning valuable skills that have built their confidence as debaters. They had the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the various speaking roles, the criteria by which the manner, matter and method of each speaker is adjudicated and they also had the opportunity to see a Year 9 debate in action. I thank each of the students for the way they represented St Benedict's with pride and for their wonderful engagement on the day. I look forward to seeing their skills in action in the Year 7 MISA season which will commence in Term 3.

Warm regards

Ms Redman

Debating Coordinator

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Grand Final Triumph

The MISA football season for our Opens Girls Soccer team can be summed up in two words; tumultuous and resilience.

Not only did the team have to confront the challenges presented by the opposing teams, they were forced to juggle assessment tasks, class responsibilities in addition to a variety of injuries and illness.

The fact we managed to field a team most weeks was a triumph!

Despite all of these challenges the girls represented themselves with class, commitment and a determined resilience.

Tuesday's dominant and classy display of football was an incredibly fitting way to finish the season. The team's 3-1 victory against a very good Broughton Anglican team showcased the determination and talent present in this collection of Year 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 students.

Two pieces of clinical finishing from Liana Corbo (Yr 12) and a calmly taken opportunity from Claudia Cox (Yr 11) followed up by some resilient defending and brave goalkeeping from Pia McMahon (Yr 11) was enough to see the team make a little bit of St Benedict's sport history. Back to back titles.

Whilst the result was well deserved the season highlight was being able to witness a team made up of girls from five year groups gel so well together. For me the season stand out was watching the team create a tunnel and clap off the field our two Year 12 representatives; Pauile Anosyke and Liana Corbo.

Congratulations on a fantastic effort. It was well deserved!


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MISA - Term 2

On Tuesday 13 June a number of our MISA teams were involved in Grand Finals for their respective competitions. St Benedict’s were fortunate enough to come away with three trophies in Term 2. Congratulations to the Year 10 - 12 Boys Softball team coached by Mr Wisbey, the Year 10 - 12 Girls Soccer team coached by Mr Limbrey and the Year 11 - 12 Boys Soccer team coached by Ms Mora.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following staff members for their dedication and commitment in coaching our Term 2 MISA teams. Ms Loudoun, Mr Agoo, Mr Bulfon, Mr Wisbey, Mr Ripepi, Ms Mora, Ms Lorking, Mr Arcuri, Mr Rushworth and Mr Limbrey.

2023 NSW ALL Schools Swimming Championships

On June 1 and 2 Ted Collins competed in the 2023 NSW All Schools Swimming Championships. After doing an amazing job to qualify through the different levels Ted came 4th in the 16 years 50m breaststroke and 7th in both the 15/16 years 100m and 200m breaststroke.

This is a fantastic achievement for Ted and we look forward to following his progress in the future.

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2023 NSW Cross Country Championships

On Tuesday 13 June the NSW Cross Country Championships was held at Sydney International Equestrian Centre. St Benedict’s had two representatives at this event in Jude Hamilton and Lincoln Judge. Both students performed exceptionally well at this event and will progress through to the ALL Schools Cross Country Championships on Friday 21 July. We wish both of our students all the best as they compete at this event.

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The winter appeal is upon us and I think the school community will agree that it has definitely felt like winter. With that in mind, the Social Justice team is asking students and families to donate food items to our winter drive that we can donate to We Are Community and St Vincent de Paul. These can be brought to school every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Mr Bulfon will be in the TAS Courtyard during STRIVE. The list allocated to each group is below.

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Mrs Sara-Jane Castelli

Social Justice Coordinator

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Year 10 WSU Fast Forward Excursion

St Benedict’s Catholic College Year 10 students who are participating in the Western Sydney University Fast Forward Program attended an excursion all day on Tuesday 6 June at Western Sydney University Campbelltown Campus. Students participated in fun, informative activities to inspire their learning journeys, and get them thinking about their skills, interests, and future careers. The theme of the day was ‘Destinations Unlimited: Flight WSU’. Students focused on:

→ Identifying and applying students’ skills and interests to study and career pathways

→ Exploration of study and career possibilities tailored to personal strengths

→ Developing students’ awareness of, and familiarity with the university environment

The students are to be commended for being excellent ambassadors of the College at the excursion.

Careers Adviser/TaP

Mr Mark Mustapic

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Please come and see the friendly office staff for a box of RAT kits. Either parents can come to the office reception or students can collect via the student desk during recess, lunch or at the end of the day.
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College P & F Uniform Pool orders

P & F Uniform Pool order form - click here

The P & F preloved Uniform Pool has reopened, please complete the order form and send to the P & F by email at: Our wonderful P&F volunteer Tracey will contact you.

Items can be paid for and collected from the SBCC College Office. We do not return, exchange or refund on 2nd hand clothing as these are donated by families.

Donations of items in good condition can be left at the College Office.

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