Snap, Crackle, and Pop!

By Travana Matthews and Nya Bullock

Background Information

When were fireworks created?

*Fireworks were believed to be created as early as 960 B.C, by a man named Li Tian. using bamboo stalks and heating it on coals to dry. If the stalks were left on the coals too long it would explode with a bang and thus fireworks. The Chinese people named it Huo Yao, which stands for Fire Chemical.

Who created it and Why?

*Fireworks were indigenous to the Chinese variety of people. Then later the Italians got their hands on them and made them different colors. It is also beleived that some Chinese monk was messing around and made fireworks. He then concluded that since the fireworks were loud enough to scare away animals and living things then it could scare off evil spirits. Fireworks were also beleived to scare off the mountain men that hid in the mountains along with the chinese people. Fireworks were also said to scare off demons that could be trying to torture anyone during the time the gates of hell opened.

How is it Created?

*Fireworks are known as a mixture of gun powder ( black powder), potassium nitrate, charcoal, and sulfur. Usually during the time, put inside stalks of bamboo and heated to create a bang, due to all the built up pressure in the stalk.

Did it inspire any other inventions?

* Yes, the invention of fireworks insipred pyrotechnic technology. At first it was just used as fireworks and celebration, but at some point it became a type of weaponry. Pyrotechnic technology such as gunpowder powered technology. Examples include: Cannons, Guns, Rockets, and etc.

Let's Go On A Jouney -To Europe-

* One way that fireworks possibly reached the Europeans is through the travelers from the Middle East. The only difference is the Europeans used it to make war not to celebrate and scare off unwanted creatures.

*Another possible way that fireworks expanded past the Chinese borders to the Europeans is during the expedition that Marco Polo went on to learn about the Chinese people. That among many other things at the end of his trip Marco Polo brought back the fireworks with him and shared them.


* At first fireworks were a means of protection made by a monk named Li Tian. They are a chemical mixture of black powder, sulfur, potassium nitrate, and charcoal. When the mixture is heated to a certain extent it them explodes and makes a loud huge bang. The fireworks were created by the Chinese and futher expanded on by the Eupeans, Italians, and Germans. Fireworks were originally used to scare away unwanted guest rather than for defense, until the Europeans.

The Europenas got ahold of them through Middle East travelers and Marco Polo explorer. Fireworks were the foundation for pyrotechnic technology and many weapons that are used for warfare today. Weapons such as guns, cannons, and other explosives. These inventions took a while to reach Europe, because they were seen as something that Europe couldn'nt benefit from at frist. We give most credit to the Europens, because that's where we came from as well as well as not many American really explored the idea of its actual origin until later years. In turn we as Americans just beleived what we were told.

I learned that even the most basic inventions can turn into something violent. I think fireworks are pretty cool, just like that Katy Perry song, don't act like you don't know.

~ Nya

I learned that a bunch of great inventions start by accident, and become something more. I think that fireworks are pretty cool and are very beneficial. would say something along the lines of "if fireworks weren't created there would be less violence." Unfortunately that is not the truth, and we would have still have violence.

~ Travana

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