Sexual Reproduction

Abi Bashton

Without Sexual Reproduction

You might ask what is sexual reproduction, how its important, how it helps survival. Sexual reproduction is the formation of new individuals. The importance of sexual reproduction is it continues the human species. Without reproduction there would be no more growth in the human species which would make us die out.

Functions Of Female Sexual Reproduction

Obviously every reproductions system differs from another it depends whether your male or female. In females reproduction system the main functions is to produce ova. The hormone called estrogen is needed for the formation and characteristics of the egg in women. In addition the females prepares the body to take care of the fertilized embryo.

Female Reproduction Organ Vocabs

Beyond the cervix is the vagina. The vagina during sexual intercourse carries the sperm to the ova. Ovary is a organ that produces ova, which is released to impregnate a woman. The ova travels through the Fallopian tubes are what the eggs travel through to get to the Uterus. In the uterus it provides a secure place for the baby to get nourished. On the walls it builds up blood and tissues which is what the lining of the uterus preparing for the an arrival of a baby, if the ova is fertilized.

Menstrual Cycle

Ovulation is when the egg has matured fully. When this has happened the egg is released & you have an opportunity to get pregnant for 12 to 24 hours after this has happened. If the egg is not fertilized all that tissue and blood and the unfertilized ova has to exit somehow & that's why females have there period.

Functions Of Male Reproduction

The main function of the males reproduction system is to produce and transport sperm. During sex it is used to release its sperm into the female. It also produces and male sex hormone that keeps reproduction going.

Male Reproduction Organs Vocab

The testes produce sperm. Sperm is the male sex cell or gamete which is released from the penis. Another name for sperm could be semen. Semen is the plural to sperm. it just multiple sperm cells. Penis is the external male reproductive organ. It is used during intercourse

Parts to the Sperm Cell

It has A head which contains a highly condensed nucleus.It needs this nucleus because it contains the males 23 chromosomes. The Mid Piece carries energy releasing mitochondria mitochondria. The tail propels the cell forward.

Homornes Importance & Functions

Estrogen is needed for the development of the egg, the formation & Characteristics for females. Progesterone prepares the uterus for the embryo. Testosterone is needed for sperm it helps with the growth and characteristics of a male.

Embryonic Devolopment

Uterus is the organ where the baby is developed. The Umbilical Cord has two arteries and one vein connects the fetus to the placenta. Through the Placenta the baby gets nutrients and oxygen which is shared between the baby and mother.

Risk to Harming Embryo

Smoking or second hand smoke can effect the babies health as can drinking, drugs in general are no good.The radiation of an X-ray can cause a mutation in the baby.