Cardinal Connection

October 19, 2020

First Quarter Report Cards

This week you should receive your Clear Lake High School student's First Quarter Report Card in the mail, however you can always monitor your child's grades and attendance using the Aeries Parent Portal. Also included is your child's Star 360 progress report for those that took our local assessment. Star 360 assessments are used to measure what your child knows and is ready to learn next. Teachers also use this data to drive instruction and provide additional academic support for students. CLHS will begin providing after school tutoring, beginning the week of October 26th. Please stay tuned for more details.

If you have any questions regarding your child's grades, please contact the teacher via email or phone call.

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Grades & Attendance

If your CLHS student is earning a D or F in one or more classes, they should reach out to their teacher(s) immediately to find out how they can improve their academic success in that class.

The most common reasons for low academic performance are poor attendance and missing assignments. It is imperative that students are attending ALL their virtual classes and completing ALL assignments. This will become even more important as we move to mostly asynchronous learning on Wednesdays, as students will have one less day of live direct instruction from teachers. As it was, going into this school year following last spring's emergency student dismissal, our students simply are not able to receive the same amount of instructions than year's past. Teachers have been working hard to ensure the essential standards for each grade level are being covered to the fullest extent possible, however, students are responsible for attending classes and completing the work.

For those taking Advanced Placement courses, students are strongly encouraged to utilize the resources provided by College Board to better prepare themselves for the end of the year AP exam. Students can talk with their teachers about getting connect to College Board.

When your CLHS student is absent from school, please call the office at 707-262-3010 to verify this absence with the Attendance Secretary or email

Every Day Counts!

Preparing to re-open for Hybrid Learning

As you are aware, Lakeport Unified is beginning to prepare to re-open school sites for Hybrid Learning. This means that students will have the option to learn on campus two days a week, while learning from home the other three days of the week OR learning from home for all five days of the week.

You most likely have heard the following two buzz words this year, "synchronous" and "asynchronous". These terms are the foundation of what learning looks like in the 2020-21 school year.

Synchronous learning means, students are all learning at the same time, with live direct instruction from the teacher, while interacting with their peers. Like most districts, this is happening for us via Zoom in our online virtual classrooms using CLEVER.

Asynchronous learning means students are learning at different times, without live direct instruction from a teacher, and are not in attendance in a Zoom, virtual classroom. This could be pre-recorded lessons from a teacher, assignments and/or projects.

Last week I sent home a letter from the district with information about the Hybrid Learning choices we are offering. This letter, in both English and Spanish, is also available on our district and school websites. Once you and your CLHS student has had the opportunity to discuss the learning options, we respectfully ask for a quick response so we may begin planning as early as this Wednesday. The letter/form can be filled out electronically or printed, and can be returned via email or dropped off in our inbox in front of the high school office. Students wishing to be on campus will be placed in either the A or B group.

Student Group A will be on campus Monday and Tuesdays. Student Group B will be on campus Thursdays and Fridays. ALL STUDENTS WILL LEARN FROM HOME ON WEDNESDAYS. As a district, we are increasing the amount of asynchronous time on Wednesdays. CLHS is meeting this Wednesday to begin making a plan for what each Wednesday will look like for our students for the remainder of the semester.

For this Wednesday, October 21, students will need to attend their Cardinal Advisory Period, starting at 9am. Students with IEPs or who receive services for English Language Development on campus will be on a modified schedule from 8:20 - 11:20. Your child's teacher will communicate with you regarding their schedule.

All other teachers will be available online from 9:30 - 10:30 for all students that need help in their classes. Busses will run at their normal times in the morning and will depart school to take students home at 11:25.

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Hybrid Learning FAQs

If my student chooses to learn from home five days a week, can he/she still participate in sports?

YES, as long as the student has met the eligibility requirements to participate in sports.

My student chose to learn from home five days a week until the end of the semester. We aren't sure about the second semester as we are waiting to see what is happening with COVID-19 cases in our county come December/January. Will my student have the option at the end of the first semester to continue learning from home five days a week for the remainder of the school year?

YES, we will ask you to fill out an official request just like the letter you recently received.

My student chose on campus learning, however, wants to move to learning from home five days a week. Can my student switch to at home learning?

YES, your student may switch from on campus learning to learning from home for five days a week at any time in the semester as long as we receive an official request from the parent/guardian. However, once a student is learning from home they will not be allowed to return to on campus learning for the remainder of that semester.

Students taking Spanish

With our new teacher now in the virtual classroom, Acellus will be phased out. Students on track should have completed all assignments in Acellus through the mid-term by the end of the First Quarter. For those that have not yet taken the mid-term, they will have until December 18th to reach this mark. Please know, the grade reflected in Acellus category in Aeries shows the grade earned for the assignments the student has completed. Ms. Juarez has included a comment to let students and their families know how many assignments they have completed so far. Students not completing the mid-term will not earn a passing grade in the Acellus category for the class.

For example, this could mean a student earning a grade of 80% (B), while completing just 20 assignments, is not on track to earn an overall grade for the Acellus category of the class. Students must take the mid-term to make their Acellus grade count towards their overall grade in the class.