The Long Necked Wonders

The Tallest and Most Loveable Animals by Iris ferranti

Giraffes long body parts

Long necks

Giraffes are the tallest land mammals. They stand at 16 to 18 feet tall in the air. Giraffes have long skinny necks.these necks are helpful in many way they are helpful is when two male giraffes want to see how is better.When two giraffe males want to see who is better they simple fight by slamming there necks together. this male activity is called necking. Another reason giraffe necks are so important is when the giraffe gets hungry. When the giraffe gets hungry it has to reach its long neck up as for as it can go and snaches up a branch or two of a high tree so if giraffes didn't have there long necks they couldn't participate in male activities and they couldn't be able to eat

long legs

Giraffes have to depend on there legs as well as there necks. Because giraffes have many predators it is hard not to sleep without being vulnerable when giraffes want to sleep they will usually tuck their legs underneath them and rest their head on top of their rear end but as I said before that this position is extremely vulnerable so to keep safe they will sleep in an comfortable position. The uncomfortable position is when the giraffe stands up this sleeping position is hard for the giraffe and giraffes can sleep only less then two hours standing but if they did not have there long legs they would never sleep safe. Another reason that giraffes depend on their legs is when their reaching for food. When giraffes are reaching for food they reach out their neck but they also use their legs too so without the giraffes long leg it wouldn't be able to eat! The last but not least reason is when giraffes have to drink water they have to bend down in a funky and vulnerable position the good thing about drinking though is that giraffes only have to drink once a week.

how giraffes are born

baby giraffes

When giraffes are born they can breed at any time. When a giraffe is pregnant the birth usually takes place from May to August. Even though a female giraffe has already produced once doesn't mean they can't produce again actually a female giraffe can produce until at least twenty years old. Once the baby is ready to came out they have to fall more then five in the air even though the giraffe has fallen his is still able to walk after an hour. The baby giraffe (or calf) is born an a calving maybe even the same calving ground the mother was born on. When any animal comes to close to the calf the mother giraffe a powerful kick to keep its baby safe. Calf's will drink there mothers milk until 9-12 months of age then shortly after will leave and start their own family.
baby giraffe chasing butterfly at the zoo!

Okapi dokley

Okapi and giraffes are very different, but are similar in some ways. some people don't even know what an okapi is and well thats normal, okapi are very fast and only were discovered in the 20th century. okapi usually sprint as fast as they can in the thick forest at any slight sign of danger. So its very rare to even get a glimpse of one.

Giraffes are much more known than okapi. Giraffes don't live in the thick forest like okapi do. They live in savannas were there are not many trees and in this open area it is very easy to see giraffes.

If you saw can okapi and a giraffe standing next to each other you would saw i'm crazy for thinking that the were related! but they are! A giraffes coat is so well known that even a three year old could tell you what it looked like but an okapis coat is very strong. An okapi looks like a mixture of a zebra and black bear. The shape of an okapi looks like a zebra but when you add the color it just looks scary. The okapis legs are striped like a zebra but then when you get to the body and head it gets to be a kind of purple/red color.

Even though giraffes and okapi are so different they have some similarities. One similarity is their long luscious tongue their tongue is not only long but is also purple.

A Dying Population

Giraffes are wonderful, tall and graceful creatures but every dream has its end.

hopefully you love giraffes as much as I do and it hurts me to say it but most of giraffe deaths and habitat loss is caused due to human population growth.

Because of us there has been a 40 percent drop in the last 15 years and out of 140,000 giraffes we have killed more then 80,000.

There are many species of giraffes and two of them are endangered.

After all of these horrible things I think I should get to the good stuff. All these deaths have upset some people so they have made a giraffe sanctuary where they don't have to worry about predators or homes being torn down. They can just roam free.

   Giraffes usally live in zoo's or sancuareys to keep them safe and secure, but what happens when there not safe or secure   In the wild giraffes arent running for there lives every second actullay  usally most of the time there safe but latly things have changed.     Since giraffes live in such a beatifull and  open land most people would love to have it as there's.  Once one pesone owns land more and more people wont the land too and when you own land you dont wont some stupide animals on it so you chase them away, right?  but were do the girrafes live now?      In the wild giraffes are free they can run as fast as fast as they can and go any were there hart takes them and sinse there are hunting laws the girrafes are free from humans.  Sorry I really wish I could say that without lying but I cant.   Many people take the risk of going to jail just because they want too play a sport called lets see how can kill more giraffes.    You'd think people would learn that every action has a consequence but they dont.  Because of all the hunting and home taking the giraffe population has decreased by 30 percent this decade and because of all food being taken away giraffe mommys are leaving there babeis more making caves more vunarabel.