Mrs. Tate's Class News

October 2013

October in 1st Grade!

October was an exciting month in First Grade! A few highlights were: The Fall Festival, Celebrate Education Week Math Games, Fire Safety Assembly, The Book Fair, Halloween parade and class party.

First graders are working so hard during guided reading and centers. Your support volunteering in our classroom and at home is very appreciated! Thank you for having such fantastic kids!


We have worked with the following books and learned new skills!

*My Five Senses: sensory words, compare/contrast (we made a venn diagram!)

*When This Box is Full: asking questions before, during, and after reading, sequencing events from a story, categorizing and classifying

*Pumpkin, Pumpkin: sequencing, word endings (s, ed, ing), visual clues (using pictures to tell a story that words don't, practicing retelling (characters, setting, beginning, middle, and end)

* We used a variety of Halloween stories to discuss and create story maps for: setting, characters, beginning, middle, and end

*We learned about contractions and are working on a contraction pumpkin book. Ask your child about "Super Apostrophe!"


In Math the skills and games we are learning are all fun and can be practiced at home!

  • Counting nickels and pennies (please practice at home!)
  • Exchanging pennies for nickels
  • Telling and solving number stories
  • Playing Penny Nickel Exchange
  • Reading and writing number models (2+3=5)
  • Telling and showing time to the hour
  • playing CoinTop-it
  • Patterns
  • Please continue to practice counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s!

Social Studies & Science

Social Studies

*Christopher Columbus

* Discussed How do we get along in school?

* Cooperation (working in groups to create a place to share.)

* Red Ribbon Week (lessons to stay healthy and safe)


* Discussed What is a Scientist?

* Discussed Doing Science: (I wonder, I Think, I Try, I Observe, I Record, I Discover). Ask your child about our experiment with a crayon!

* Living vs. Non-living

* Explored the question "What is alive?"

* Nature walk with our buddy class to look for signs of living things

Morning Meetings

Our Morning Meetings are a great start to our day! Students continue to share special things in their lives, practice eye contact and listen/answer questions. Each child signs up for one or two days a month to share. Ask your child what she or he has shared!

We are setting goals as a class that require us to use our grit and perserverance (for example: shoe tying). We continue to discuss possible problems and ways we can work together to find a solution.

Dates that Rate: November 2013

11/6 Early Dismissal (End of marking period.)

11/8 Red, White and Blue Day! We will have a Veteran's Day Assembly. Please have your child dress in red, white and blue!

11/15 Picture Retake Day

11/18 Report cards go home

11/22 Bridge Valley Day

11/25 Conferences after school

11/26 Early dismissal - conferences in the afternoon

11/27,11/28,11/29 Thanksgiving Break, no school

Reminders and Requests

Due to the cold weather and flu season, if you would be willing to donate more disinfecting wipes and tissues, our noses and work spaces would greatly appreciate it!

Please rememeber to send your child to school with a healthy snack every day.

Thank you for all of your continued support!