You should believe in me, Chuck Norris.

If you don't believe in Chuckanity, you're a terrorist. (Or a democrat...wait, what's the difference?)

Chrucktians are flawless offspring of Chuck and Jesus's mom. Bruce else are the precise opposite. It is, in fact, the dream of Americans. Truth, Justice, and Temperance and the bald eagle and the American flag to practice Chuckanity. Convert, for all of the ashy Africans you can save. (Like Patience and Miya)
If you're still not convinced that Chuckanity is for you,here are some scriptures from the book of Chuckles:

Satan went down to the crossroads and sold his soul to Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris thought it was too salty.

God said let there be light and Chuck Norris said," Say please."