What is Family & Consumer Sciences?

Why do we need it in our schools?

What is Family and Consumer Sciences??

Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) education focuses on equipping individuals with decision making, time management, money management, and communication skills to allow them to be productive members in today's ever changing society, helping them achieve their best quality of life.

Why are these classes important in our schools?

Family and Consumer Sciences classes allow the students to learn and sharpen skills that are essential in everyday life. Time management, money management, and communication are just a few of the life skills that are taught in FCS classes. FCS classes also provide students with information about the issues of today to allow them to form their own opinion on topics, as well as allowing them to make their own decisions without being told what to do or how to think.

What courses are offered through Family and Consumer Sciences Education?

There is a wide range of classes that could be offered in a FCS classroom, listed below are some of the classes that you might see in a Middle School or High School:
  • Nutrition and Wellness
  • Food Sciences
  • Human Development
  • Career and Life Planning
  • Consumer and Personal Finance
  • Family Studies