Keepin' The Sparkle

With Your Origami Owl Jewelry

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How to Keep Your SIlver Sparkling!

Have you had your fabulous Origami Owl locket and necklace for a little while now? Notice that it isn't as shiny as before? Well first off, that's normal. The chains are made of .925 sterling silver. With all sterling silver, over time it will start to tarnish due to wear, conditions and so forth. Not to fret! There's a super simple way to get that silver sparkling again! Here'e 2 ways to help bring the it back:

1: Purchase a sterling silver cleaning cloth. These are great for the ball station and rolo chains.

2. Purchase a liquid sterling silver cleaner. I found mine at Target for under $5. In under 10 seconds (yep, just 10 seconds) my rolo and flat oval link chain looked brand spankin' new!

As for the lockets, they are stainless steel, as well as the box chain. These items should not be cleaned with any kind of cleaner.

I hope these tips help you to keep that jewelry beautiful!

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Breanne Hamilton

Executive Team Leader & Independent Designer, Origami Owl