Last dog on earth/Daniel Ehrenhaft

Kearstin Stanbery Block1


Logan-He doesn't care about anyone he hates everyone. He gets in trouble. Also he doesn't get along with his mom and Robert.

Mom(Mariana)- She loves bot of her guys Logan and Robert but they always argue with each other.Shes very worried about Logan.

Robert( Logan's step dad)- Robert is very rude to Logan and puts him in trouble all the time and doesn't care about him at all or worry about him when he gets in trouble.


The theme is about the dogs how the bad disease in the like when they get very viscous and they attack and eat your blood but Robert is telling Logan that he has to get rid of Jack or he will and that if he gets spotted with jack anywhere that Jack will get shot and probably him also. But Logan doesn't care about anyone just jack the dog he doesn't care if shes very vicious or dangerous.


The setting takes place mostly at the blue mountain camp where Logan had to go because the trouble he was causing because of what Robert said he was doing that wasn't true. And then Logan and Jack were moving place to place because they didn't want to get spotted by people they were shooting dogs

Book recommendation

I chose this book because I really thougt it would be intresting to read this book to see what The last dog on earth meant.Another reason why that I really would like to enjoy or read this book is because that it's about dogs. I think that this book is a 5 star book because... It's about Jack the dog and Logan on how where they go where they don't get spotted because if anyone sees a dog they will shoot it because there is a disease in the dogs that makes them very viscios and they attack people. But Logan doesn't care he still loves Jack anyone.