Semi-Weekly Geekly

Week of March 2-6

Happy Spring Break!

Teachers Dancing Behind Students

On a More Serious Note, This is Pretty Cool!

Be My Eyes - helping blind see

Tool of the Week: Plickers

Plickers is a formative assessment tool that you can use with ONE device in the classroom.

Here's how it works. You print a set of cards from the web site (free). Each card has a number on it. You set up classes and enter students on the Plickers web site. Each student is assigned a number. When they come to class, each student gets the card with their number on it. Just one card.

The card has a seemingly random symbol on it. The symbols on the cards are not the same. On each edge of the symbol, in very small print, is a letter A, B, C and D.

You ask a question, and the students choose an answer. If they choose A, then they orient their symbol so that the A is on the top and hold the card up above their head. Once the students have their cards in the air, you open the Plickers app and you scan the classroom. It looks like you are viewing the classroom through the camera, but instead of funky symbols, you see colors, red for incorrect answers and green for correct answers.

You can even generate reports of how the students responded, since you have their names associated with specific cards! It's pretty cool!

The Weight on Your Neck from Viewing Your Device AT Different Angles

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Fun Fact: The Oldest person on earth was born closer to the signing of the Declaration if Independence than to now.

Tip of the Week:

Did you know that signing into the Chrome browser is NOT the same as signing into to Google Drive? WHAAAAT? It's true!

We used to tell people not to sign into their Chrome browser, but those days are gone! Now it is BEST if you sign into your browser. Do this by going to the VERY top right of the window and clicking on the little grey button to the left of the minimize button.

Once logged into Chrome, you can bookmark pages by clicking on the little star in the Omnibox (if this is a new term for you, it means the bar at the top that shows the page address but which can also be used to search Google). Once you bookmark your favorite sites, you can quickly access them from anywhere. Are you one of those who is having trouble adjusting to the new staff portal? Bookmark your sites and you won't need the portal any more!

Once you login to the browser, you can also add extensions to your toolbar by visiting the Chrome Store! More on extensions in a later issue,. but if you have time ofver Spring Break, be sure to check out the Chrome Store.

Did You Know?

On the front page of the Student Learning Hub is an orange button called Student and Parent Resources. While right now we really only have the four core subjects in there. Be sure you know what is out there for your subject! This could be a place to which you could direct parents if they need some help.