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All You Need to Know

Dear Cougar Families,

We are very excited about seeing students in our building starting on September 2! Please remember if you committed to in person learning you'll be expected to arrive on campus by 8:20 for the start of first period. In person classes will be replacing virtual classes for in person students, so teachers will not be providing zoom links for their in person periods. Students who selected in person learning will be marked absent from school if they are not on campus. Please read through this newsletter and watch the videos for everything students need to know to be on campus! We look forward to getting back to normal, but for now thank you for your patience and support.


Sonya Pitcock

Principal, Curtis Middle School

Items To Bring to School Each Day

Student ID

  • All students are required to wear their student ID all day and on the bus. If you have not picked up your student ID, those will be available to students through their 1st period class on September 2. Some new students may not have an ID yet, but we will make those on the morning of September 2 for them.


  • All students are required to wear masks throughout the day and on the bus. Masks are expected to cover the mouth and nose at all times.

School supplies

  • Students need to bring their school supplies with them on September 2. Students will need to bring their school supplies daily for use in the classrooms. You can find this list on the Curtis website.


  • If you were issued a device from the school, please send it to school with your student daily. Your child will use this device during the school day and will take it home each night.

  • Students are encouraged to bring their own device to use for instruction as well, if parents are comfortable with that. However, the school will not be responsible for any damages to personal devices.

  • If you did not check out a school device, or have one to bring, there will be a device at the school for your student to use during the school day as needed.

Water Bottle

  • We are asking that all students district wide bring a water bottle with them to school daily. Our water fountains have been replaced with bottle filling stations throughout the building for students to refill their own bottles.

Consumable Textbooks

  • Students will get communication from their teachers on bringing the consumable books each week. Some weeks they may need them and others they may not. Students need to be sure to check Canvas messages and emails to know what is needed in class.

Arrival to School

  • Our doors open at 7:30 AM for students.
  • All students are required to wear their mask upon entering the building each day.
  • Students are expected to use hand sanitizers each day as they enter the building (foam in).
  • Once in the building, 7th graders will report to the gym and sit on the designated areas in the bleachers until they are dismissed. 8th graders will report to the cafeteria and sit on the designated areas at the cafeteria tables until they are dismissed. Fine arts students may drop off their instruments in the band or orchestra hall before reporting to the gym or café.
  • Students will not be allowed to congregate in any area of the building.
  • Parent drop offs will be on the northwest side of the building off Rivercrest only. Parents, please plan for plenty of time for drop off as the beginning of the year is usually a bit slow. Please be sure students have all their belongings with them and are ready to exit the vehicle as quickly as possible to help us keep our traffic flowing.
  • Buses only will be dropping off on the front side of the building. Find your bus
  • Please follow the directions for student drop off using this map: Student Drop Off Map

Hand Washing/Sanitizing

  • Hand sanitizer stations have been added to every classroom, entrances and common areas such as the cafeteria.
  • Students are expected to use the hand sanitizer as they enter the room and exit the room. Teachers will remind students to foam in, foam out.

  • Students will wash their hands after using the restroom and as needed throughout the day.

Learning Environment

  • CMS classroom desks have been arranged to maximize space between students.

  • Signage has been placed in classrooms, hallways, restrooms and other locations in the building to ensure students are moving one direction in hallways and to maximize space between students.

  • Teachers will be cleaning desks and campus devices throughout the day as they are used.

  • Students will have their own supplies in the classroom to minimize sharing of materials.

  • Here is the campus map for you to look at before coming on Wednesday. Please note the one way traffic flow. We will be sure to help all students throughout the first few weeks to make sure everyone can find their way around.

Big picture


  • Students will eat lunch in our cafeteria on most days. Some classes may have to eat in the classroom once every three weeks to accommodate the number of students for lunches. Students will know which day they will eat in the classroom.
  • All students will have access to our cafeteria lines to purchase food daily.
  • Lunch money needs to be deposited each morning when possible.
  • Students will be spaced in the cafeteria as much as possible.
  • Lunch deliveries are not permitted at AISD secondary campuses at this time. If a student forgets a lunch they can purchase a lunch in the cafeteria.
  • Students will have one entrance to the cafeteria and one exit. Students will be released from lunch on a staggered schedule to limit students congregating.

Deliveries/Dropping Off Items

  • At this time, we will not be accepting any deliveries or item drop off.
  • If students forget their lunch, they can purchase one in the cafeteria.
  • If students forget their ID or mask, we will get them a temporary one.
  • If students forgot their classwork, supplies or instruments, they will have to catch up the following day. We know this will happen and we will work with students to make the best of it.


  • If you have medications for your child, we ask that you please drop those off BEFORE September 2nd. Please contact Nurse Jen Rau to set up a time to drop those off. Her email is
  • Any changes in medications or questions throughout the year can be addressed through Nurse Rau.


  • We will stagger dismissal for our students to maintain spacing in the halls and cafeteria.
  • All walkers will be dismissed at 3:29 and will exit the building immediately. Students who need to pick up their instruments will be able to do so before leaving campus.
  • Bus riders will be dismissed by their bus number as the buses arrive. Please take a look at the bus your child will ride before September 2 and have them write that bus number in their Tracks agenda book. Find your bus
  • Parent pick up will be dismissed at 3:30. We expect students to go directly to the pick up line on the northwest side of the building to leave with their parent.
  • There will be no parent pick up in the front of the school.
  • Please follow the map: Student Drop Off/Pick Up Map
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