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Updates from Manassas Park Middle School - 11/20/2018

Thanksgiving Break!

It was a short but productive week! Please review the upcoming events for next week (Honor Roll Ceremony and Multicultural Night) as well as see a brief message about a conversation about social media use and middle school students and how parents can help make sure their children are being safe online.

Have a great Thanksgiving holiday!

Honor Roll Ceremony - Invitations went home this week!

Looking to after Thanksgiving break, I am excited to announce that we had 346 students (41% of the school) make Principal's or Superintendent's honor roll for first quarter! The honors ceremony for students who earned a 3.0 GPA or higher will be held in the MPMS Auditorium on Thursday, November 29 at 7:59 am. Students who are receiving a certificate will receive an invitation letter in their homerooms next week. We hope you can join us to celebrate their achievement that morning, followed by a brief Krispy Kreme donut reception!

Multicultural Night is Next Week!

Please join us on Thursday, November 29 from 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM for Multicultural Night. We will celebrate many of the wonderful cultures in our community and the world through food, performances, activities, and displays! We look forward to seeing you there!

Upcoming Big Things!

Wednesday-Friday, 11/21-11/23: Thanksgiving Holiday - NO SCHOOL

Wednesday, 11/28: Girls Basketball First Game @ MPMS!

Thursday, 11/29: Honors Ceremony 7:59 am

Thursday, 11/29: Multicultural Night 6-7:30 pm!

Friday, 11/30: Picture Retakes Day! (only for students who were absent on the original picture day, new students, or students who have payment.)

Picture Retakes are NEXT WEEK!

School picture retakes are 11/30, but only for students who were/are

  • Absent on picture day
  • New to MP since 9/7
  • Parents paid for pictures- bring in pictures on retake day.

Parents can order pictures at

Picture day ID: HJ258006Q1

Meet a new face @ MPMS! Ms. Sachs!

Welcome Ms. Sachs!

Ms. Sachs is our new PE teacher, coming to Manassas Park Middle School from Gainesville, VA. Prior to working for Manassas Park City Schools, Ms. Sachs worked at Stonewall Middle School. Ms. Sachs can be found in both the middle and high schools, depending on the block.

Quick Facts about Ms. Sachs:

-Attended Old Dominion University and Bluefield College.

-Majored in Criminal Justice.

-Likes sports - Go UNC Tarheels, Yankees, and Redskins!

-Enjoys travelling. My favorite place to go is the beach!

-Loves competitive running! And my family!!

When you see her in the building or at a school sporting event, please say hello and welcome Ms. Sachs to Manassas Park Middle School!

Social Media and Middle School Students

This is a transcript of the video above.

Instead of the usual weekly update including stories from school, I wanted to take this opportunity to discuss a conversation all parents should have with their children about social media access for children.

Social media is the most common source of peer conflict issues at MPMS. According to students, the following social media apps are the most commonly used:





Snapchat and Instagram are far and away the most popular among MPMS students, used with password protected accounts, usually on smart phones.

As a parent, what should I do?

Treat your child’s phone no different than you treat their backpack or bedroom. Allow some privacy, but do not allow your child the ability to fully lock you out of their online life. Regularly check on their online “behavior.” Make sure you know their account information, including their passwords.

Learn to use the social media apps your child is using. If your child is on Snapchat – jump on, make an account, and follow them! Friend them! Learn how the program works so you can engage and discuss. Even better, have your kids teach you how to use it – the filters are fun, and the picture messaging can be a blast!

Talk about how to be a good person online. Online words and actions are no different than real-life words and actions. This means that language, threats, or harassment that would be unthinkable in person should also be unthinkable online.

Always point out how a post makes everyone involved feel. A video of a fist fight, a fall, or a spill might be funny to a viewer, but it may also be painfully embarrassing to the victim, even if you don’t know who they are. Social media can make it so someone’s embarrassing moment has to be relived day after day, leading to a sense of hopelessness and the feeling that “everyone” is against them – when that moment was just a moment that would be quickly forgotten without social media.

Teach and model how to be “offline.” If you’re online all day, every day, your kids will model your behavior. Even if you aren’t, the fear of missing out on their digital social life is a real thing – so build in time where you build your relationship with your children without phones.

Always remember – if it is posted online, it never goes away: Even Snapchat, which “deletes” posts, has servers that store information somewhere. Screenshots can be taken at any time, and even if a post is removed, there is no guarantee that is “erased.”

Ultimately, there is no “right” way to parent, there is no “right” way to use social media. Talk with your kids – always reinforce to “think before you post” and that online words and actions should be the same as in person words and actions. We teach safe internet use in every grade (K-12) here in Manassas Park City Schools, but like all education, we know that every child’s first (and most influential) teacher is their parent.

Have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to seeing students return on Monday!