Wanted Bacillus cereas


This critter is large for a bacteria, it's shaped like a rod, and its very waxy, almost like gel. Its similar to a spore as described by some articles.

Wanted for...

This bacterium is wanted for producing endangering toxins, which result in two types of illness. Symptoms for one include watery diarrhea while on the other hand, causing nausea and vomiting.

Where can it be found??? Know the patterns!!

This pathogen spends most of its time hanging around starchy foods and can come in contact with unrefrigerated foods. It is commonly transmitted through the preparation of fried rice,while inhaled through its spore form, which have resulted in several outbreaks since its a commonly prepared dish.

If infected...

If case of contact with this dangerous microbug, the remedy is the usual prescription of antibiotics. Other treatments include bed rest along with drinking plenty of fluids,

Prevention methods!!

The prevention methods are the usual. Proper cooking and storage, reading instructions, and personal hygiene.