Minimum Wage

By: Michelle Bustos

Raising Minimum Wage

Why is minimum wage little pay in North Carolina? People argue to either raise or decrease the minimum wage amount. The reason people want to raise the pay is because many people that work for minimum wage are at the age of (26 and up). 4 years ago some states approved to have their minimum wage quantity rise. Although North Carolina did not raise their quantity. There are still people who do not agree about just getting $7.25 for every hour they work. Some teens have child's, and need money to maintain their children. By just earning $7.25, there is barely enough to buy things a child would need, such as diapers, formula, or clothing. Teenagers set up a big chunk of the workers that earn minimum wage, some of them work to help out their families, to care for themselves, or just to earn money. Those who help families, they have to buy food, pay bills and clothing for their family. By just receiving minimum wage that is not enough money to pay for those things, it would be hard for a person to live off of minimum wage. Can't argue that people have a chance to go to school and make a good living but there are people that just don't try and think minimum wage is a good amount to live off of, when in reality its not enough to pay half of your bills. Minimum wage should be increased in North Carolina due to the amount of people that live off of that earning. In states like Washington State, have their minimum wage amount at 9.50, that is much higher and even if the amount is not so high but its more money than in North Carolina. That gives them more to live off of.