The Safety Stuff

How to prevent a Fire

Do you know how to prevent a fire? Do you need some help/advice on setting smoke detectors?This article will explain how to do so.

First,You need to make sure your smoke detectors have batteries then you need to make sure your smoke detectors have batteries. Then you need to make sure it is located in a spot which is reasonable. Finally make sure it is on and is functioning at regular capacity. Try this make some smoke and see if the detectors beep.

Second,you make sure you have a device or piece of equipment that can put out a fire in about every room. Then you will have to make sure you have the device refilled with water. Also you have a device when you have a special event that involves fire.(barbecue,fireworks show). Finally make sure you are always ready for an emergency.

Third, You will need to check all the flames that are lit at your house. Just make sure that every candle,fireplace or barbecue fire is being watched over by an adult. Keep watch especially on the ones that are outside. If not kept watched the wind might blow these fires one direction which can make it spread. Just make sure someone is watching the fire. Here you go three tips which can prevent a fire from happening. So follow these tips and stay safe.

Bowling Meet

It is a contest where you prove your skills and try to join the Town's Bowling League.

When:Friday October 26

Where: Strikin League

Please RSVP by Thursday October 25

Given By:Bob Jones


For all Ages