By: Claudia castelan


1. Not all peasant were serfs and or slaves, some where actually free.

2. since some peasants where farmers and they weren't slave they had a place to work and live. which they where less likely to loose.

3. If you were a serf you had the right to be protected during times of war or famine. The lord had to provide this for you.


1. If you were a peasant and you were farmer you where supposed to pay taxes to The Lord and king. You also had to lease your land.

2.some were serfs and you were required to work several days a week for The Lord.

3. Some peasant were either farmers, tradesmen, millers or tavern owners.

Daily life.

1. Daily life of a serf consisted of working by dawn in the land or field serving the lord.

2. Daily life of a women was that she had to do all the chores for her husband including taking care of their children and basic nursing.

3. Women would eat after her husband and children got done eating, and had little leisure time.

4. Peasants produced much of the food and pay the more taxes.

5. Allot of peasant children had to learn how to craft since they didn't attend school.