By: Ellie Templeton


This book won the Caldecott award in 2003 for its beautiful artwork and easy to read words! Eric Rohhmann is the author and illustrator of many friendly children books. As a child Eric liked to collect rocks, insects, leaves and animal skulls. He was born in Riverside, Illinois in 1957 but grew up in Downers Grove a suburb in Illinois. Eric had a purpose for his book. I think that the purpose was to entertain the readers while they are reading the book. My friend Rabbit won the Caldecott because Eric did very beautiful artwork, it was child friendly also the book was very understandable. Lastly all of the pictures connected with the story. If you would like to visit his website go to


For my comparison I will compare my book My Friend Rabbit and This is Not My Hat by Jon Klassen. They both have beautiful artwork but in My Friend Rabbit the colorings are a little more colorful than in This Is Not Hat. Also both of these wonderful books are easy to understand and child friendly! One last thing is that they both are very entertaining!

My Friend Rabbit