Esperanza Rising

by Pam Munos


Welcome to Esperanza's website. We will be using this website throughout our novel study.

Las Papayas

Place your tracks here:

Esperanza's father is dead.

She got a doll from her dad.

The bandits killed her father. (he was warned about this)


Questions you might have:

Why did the teacher pick the novel?

What's going to happen to Mama?

Is this the worst tragedy that she experiences?

I wonder how the author was feeling when she write this novel?

What happens to Abuelita?


Watch a video to learn about what setting is.

Los Higos



Why did Mama stiil want to marry Tio Luis?

Why is Tio Luis forcing Mama to marry him?

Did the fire really happen?

Why did Esperanza's uncles start the fire?

Did Esperanza like Miguel and vice versa?