Yay, Miami is fun

Miami Location

Miami is located on the Atlantic coast in Southeastern Florida and the country seat Miami Dade county. The 42nd most populated city proper in the USA, with a population of 419,777

Miami Region

The animals in Miami are: alligators, crocodiles, manatees, Florida panther, Florida black bear and the bottle nose dolphin. Miami has a tropical monsoon climate. Which means the weather is very nice and very very rarely is going to be cold or snow.

Miami Place

It is warm all year round and around the 70 degrees all year. There are amusement parks with lots and lots of roller coasters. There are lots of cool restaurants. All of the hotels are very nice.

Miami movement

Pull factors:

1. The places in Miami are much nicer and much more affordable.

2. The food there is amazing

3. There are many art galleries in Miami

4. Its is a warm place to live

5. Most of the racist white folk moved away years ago

Miami Human/Environment Interaction

Boating, insulation not thick to keep house chili and cool and boating docks. In order to adapt to the climate they have to build houses with no garages and lighter houses, and they also have AC year round