News from the Learning Commons

January Edition- Happy New Year!

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PBS LearningMedia

PBS LearningMedia offers teachers free access to images, videos and articles. In addition, PBS offers productivity tools such as a Lesson Builder, Storyboard, and Quiz Maker. With the Lesson Builder, you can build interactive lessons that include videos, questions, and links to websites. Easily insert slides and content. Click here to see the student view of a sample (mind you, not the most educational)- enter the code: dog6681.

Students over the age of 13 can create an account. However, students of any age can browse the site and complete assignments without creating an account.

Made a New Year's Resolution? Need a book to guide you? Check out one from the Library!

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Edpuzzle- Another Video Assessment Option

Edpuzzle is a site that allows you to select a video and customize it by editing, adding questions/comments, and recording audio. Free and easy to use. Students would need to create an account to access videos. It seems to work easily on an iPad for creating a video assessment. Thanks to Janet for mentioning this great tool!

*iPad Friendly*