Room 26 Weekly News

April 4, 2016


Welcome back! I hope you all had a wonderful Spring Break!

Coming up this Friday, April 8 at 11:30 is our Geometry Scavenger Hunt. I need 6-7 more parent volunteers for about 1 hour (11:30-12:30) for this fun, hands-on math lesson. Please email me if you are available!!

Language Arts

We will be starting a novel study on Tuck Everlasting this week. Students will be meeting in small groups to discuss the novel over the next couple weeks. Students will also be continuing to work on Lexia (reading skills) and Wordly Wise (academic vocabulary) during our Reading block. This week's focus Language Arts skills will be conjunctions, affixes -SCOPE and AD-, and oxymorons.


We are beginning our (short) unit on Geometry and Graphing. We will be working on identifying and classifying flat geometric shapes, lines, and angles. Students are also responsible for knowing how to graph in quadrant 1 (two positive numbers) while reading ordered pairs (x,y).

Social Studies

Students will be assigned a state to research for their upcoming ABC State Slides Presentation. Please look for information to come home about this report this week.

We will also begin chapter 10 this week. As Americans, we have won our independence, but that leaves a whole new challenge: how will we govern ourselves. There were many different original state laws that will morph into the Constitution and Bill of Rights. I love teaching these things since it is a living document that we still honor today.


Students will be learning about plant and animal cells, and how the various parts of cells work to support the structures and systems plants and animals need in order to survive.


P.E. - Monday and Wednesday

Music - Tuesday

Library - Thursday

Art - Friday