50 Ways to Make Learning Fun

Using Technology!

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How to Engage Your Students With No Cost Technology

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Jodi Casale


I use Kahoot in my classroom. My students love the game and they dont realize they are learning or reviewing something.

Nicole Sharkey


Students used IXL as competition between groups. They competed to get the highest scores and had a great time! The best part was when the other students were helping the struggling students to make sure they were succeeding!

Yamilka Delgardo

Cell Phones

Finding opportunities for students to use their phones in class is a great way to meet them where they're at to make learning fun. For example, we were doing a collaborative grouping activity and I allowed students teams to use their phones to help them with the task.

Brendan Phillips

Khan Academy

Using Khan Academy and instructional videos to teach different material and strategies to students helps them understand and comprehend content when presented to them in alternative styles.

Katie Maertin

Text Polling

I have used technology in guidance lessons at a past internship while in graduate school. I used technology with a classroom guidance lesson by using "text polling" as a way to gather student responses to questions. Throughout the presentation, students were shown videos of cyberbullying and how it hurts and impacts others and themselves. They were then asked to text responses to text poll questions on the powerpoint presentation. Students were asked tough questions that they might not have wanted to admit out loud such as "have you ever been bullied on the internet by someone? have you done any cyberbullying? etc. Students were engaged and the lesson was relevant.

Ed McComiskey


I use Plickers as a way to monitor student progress. Each student has a Plicker coded card assigned to them. Everyday, I have a multiple choice question of the day taken from AP released exams and they cover what we've learned in the previous days. This also gives me a way to quickly reteach, if necessary. The kids enjoy it and they compete with each other. I also can use this as a participation grade, bell quiz (helps with tardies), and attendance.

Rene Martinez-Monfort


I used Mimio-Teach, for example, as a way to make vocabulary easier and allow the students a chance to engage with the bell ringer. I would give a mini vocab quiz on the board and the students had time on their own paper to write down the answers and create a sentence using the words. Then I would randomly choose a student and they would come up and drag a word and place it next to the definition. The class was allowed to help guide the student if they had the wrong answer. Once all five words were done we would try to create sentences with those words. Some funny sentences would happen. I also used this same device to have kids create and demonstrate the Trojan War battles and how the Greeks could have lost.

Rachel Surrency

Online Resources

I have used Kahoot with the iPads as review before a test or quiz. I have used the laptops to use online simulations like using a website to view "specimen" with a microscope, I have used the laptops to complete web quests and I have used the laptops to complete pre and post tests.

Gina Hlista

Class Dojo

I use Class Dojo for classroom management. It's a bit elementary, but when the points are used for extra credit, students respond well to it. It's free on the app store.

Katelyn Overbeck

Videos and Simulations

We use it to watch videos and simulations that make learning more interesting.

Lisa Fiske

Online Resources

When we were studying about components of blood and the ABO RH blood types, I found a really fun compatibility game from the American Red Cross http://www.redcrossblood.org/donating-blood/blood-donor-community/games . It really helped the students learn which blood types are compatible in transfusions

Kimberly Sutphin

Video Conferencing

Using "Video Conferencing" technology can allow your students to travel the world from their classroom, speak with virtual guest lecturers, and make friends and interact with others in different countries. I did this when I was a teacher. This allowed students to see that we as humans are all the same, just with different traditions and cultures. Tie this in with a "Multicultural" grant and Global Awareness standards are covered.