Tired of Selling Candy Bars?

Finally..There's a NEW way to raise MONEY - With ZERO costs!

We're not just a fundraiser...we create revenue streams for your school!

Our system is so powerful that it has the potential to create a revenue stream worth 100's of thousands or more year after year. That's why major Universities have jumped on board.

This powerful system is now available for all HIGH SCHOOLS!

ZERO COSTS to YOU...ZERO COSTS to SUPPORTERS...Just benefits for both!

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Everyone from age 13 and up can opt-in for this family friendly program. That means all students are eligible too!

The University of Alabama's goal is to reach 250,000

University of Alabama I-texts #rolltide BAMA Fundraising

Curious? If you want to see firsthand how easy it is for your supporters to opt-in & to see firsthand what our text ads look like, then opt-in to one of these 3 non-profits.


Contact me right away if you would like more information. Our set up process is fast and easy.

Join Us Each Wednesday Morning For An Informative Live Conference Call

Live training for Organizations by conference call every Wednesday morning at

11:00am ET/ 10:00am CT / 9:00am MT / 8:00am PT by dialing:

209-647-1600 then, 755200 #
Replay number:
209-647-1699 then, 755200 #

This may be the LAST Fundraising program you'll ever need!

Take Our NO-RISK Challenge!

Since there is NO COST to set up an account with I-Texts, there is absolutely ZERO RISK.

We encourage you to go ahead and kick the tires, take us for a spin.

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Then get all of the staff & co-workers to test us out. This way you get to see how everything works. You get to see that everything we have stated above is as exactly as I have stated. We are above board and we want to see you succeed.


Contact me...I stand ready to help!

Cliff Collins

Contact us today, we want to see you succeed!