Joshua Kerrigan

Owner of Yacht Management of South Florida

Founder of Yacht Management of South Florida

Joshua Kerrigan is the founder of Yacht Management of South Florida. Kerrigan, with his team of associates well-versed in customer service help, make buying a boat from them an easy, stress-free proposition. Kerrigan’s company has become a leader in the boating industry and continues to provide all of its customers with a friendly, stress-free experience for all prospective boat owners.

Joshua Kerrigan - Creating Loyal Customers

Joshua Kerrigan creates loyal customers by building trust. Kerrigan knows that trust is the basis of any relationship, especially a business one. He builds this trust with the high-quality service and information he and his team of experts at his company, Yacht Management of South Florida, provide. Kerrigan and his team want to retain customers and keep them coming back to them with all of their boating maintenance concerns and more. Kerrigan provides comprehensive yacht management services that are affordable and stress-free to all potential new clients. He believes in the power of great service and long-term relationships in his company.

Joshua Kerrigan runs Yacht Management of South Florida to provide relentless service to all of his clients in the area. The team works hard to establish and maintain trusting relationships based on the services and products they provide. The team at Yacht Management of South Florida handles all boat ownership issues that may arise. All members of this team are experienced and well-educated in the proper maintenance of all boats and yachts that come into their shop, from remodels to financial management. Kerrigan has worked hard to maintain an environment that customers want to keep coming back to.

Joshua Kerrigan is proud of his consistent client base that he has built over the years as the CEO of Yacht Management of South Florida. His clients continually come back for services, advice, and products that will make their boat ownership experience a relaxing and rewarding one. Kerrigan works hard maintain the trust of his customers.

Joshua Kerrigan - Service When Needed

Joshua Kerrigan founded Yacht Management of South Florida to provide the boating community of the area with top-notch service when and where it is needed. Kerrigan’s team at Yacht Management of South Florida doesn’t try to sell unnecessary repair services or products to customers. They know the stress that can come from owning any expensive vehicle, including boats, so their first priority is to alleviate that stress as much as possible. They know that their clients are looking for fast, affordable, efficient services for their boats and yachts. Customers can count on Yacht Management for all types of boating and yachting services, including dock and marina management, full-service boatyard services, crew services, repairs, remodels, repainting, and even financial management. Their first priority is to look out for the benefit of the customer and the protection of their vehicle.

As the founder and CEO of Yacht Management of South Florida, Joshua Kerrigan is proud to provide some of the best, most comprehensive boating services in the area. Kerrigan and his team provide full management services to all vessels of all different shapes, sizes and brand name. The educated and certified service team at Yacht Management of South Florida is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and is extremely experienced boat people ready to handle any boating issues they may come across. With Joshua Kerrigan at the helm, the company plans to help many more customers in the future with all of their boating and yachting maintenance needs and continue providing comprehensive services to all of its clientele.