Endangered Polar Bears

Polar bears are decreasing because sport hunting was a major threat to polar bears in the 60's and 70's. today the biggest concern is habitat loss and reduced access to their prey due to the climate change. its increase on pollution and disease effect the polar bears also.


In some parts of the artic the polar bears carry toxic chemicals due to air pollution. this effects both polar bears and their prey. the chemical cocktail found in polar bears are complex. this pollution can affect polar bears immune system affecting their ability to fight off these diseases.


Polar bears are not prone to disease, even though there are some parasites like Trichinella, some other viruses been detected in them also ( canine, distemper, porpoise morbillivirus). there is a case of rabies with evidence of exposure to rabies, this may be introduces by changing pathways in a warming artic. this will not only just affect the polar bears but seals also


sea ice losses from climate change are best known habitat threat to polar bears. polar bears rely on ice for hunting, traveling, breeding and denning. even though polar bears in seasonal ice areas come ashore in the summer when the ice melts, while on land it runs the risk with people as our sights on smells, especially when they are hungry.
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Climate change is the number one reason on why polar bears are endangered. Global warming is another reason on why they're at risk of extinction. They are running out of prey and habitat. Hunting of polar bears legally or illegally could also lessen its popular. Oil and gas exploration could potentially lower the number of surviving polar bears as well.