January 15, 2016

Hopefully everyone has gotten their legs back under them after the long break. I know it’s taken several of us a little longer than others. (Maybe it’s that age thing finally starting to say hello!) There has been one thing in particular which has really stood out to me in this New Year … how incredibly friendly our students and teachers are! A lot of new families have joined PCMS these past two weeks, and all of us at PCMS are so glad they’ve chosen us to work with their child. I am so incredibly proud when I see our new students joined up with their Student Ambassadors, who are guiding them through their new school, walking them through their schedule, helping them figure out where and how to get their lunch, making sure they have a new friend to sit with at lunch, helping with their locker combinations, etc. (Student Ambassadors are current students who have a passion for leading and helping others.) Joining a new school isn’t the easiest thing in the world for an 11, 12, or 13 year old to do, but knowing we have such thoughtful and caring students to guide and lead them through this transition makes me #pcmsproud!

PLC Early Release and Misc. Notifications

Many of you have mentioned you are not receiving the PLC Early Release notification phone call, as you did in the past. As previously communicated, the district has gone to sending text messages vs. phone calls for all non-emergency notifications, such as PLC Early Release, school closings due to inclement weather, and other safety alerts. This change was made in response to a large number of requests to receive school notifications via text, as well as to consolidate our communication platforms. If you have not been getting text notifications, but would like to, please text YES or OPTIN to 68453. (Please note: your cell phone number must be on file and logged as a cell phone in our student database.) Please call us at 816-858-2036 with any questions.

Car Pick-up Procedures

Just a quick reminder of our pick-up procedures for after school. Students who are car riders are to be picked up along the curb in the front of the school and not in the parking lot or along any of the side streets. With so many cars and buses entering and exiting the campus, we feel we can better ensure their safety by not having them walk through traffic lines and/or the parking lot. We do understand this isn’t the most convenient and it takes more time, but we feel it’s the absolute best way for us to get all car riders to you in a safe manner. We thank you for your understanding.

KC Regional First Lego League Tournament - Delta

“The Bricksters” Delta Robotics team was one of 10 teams out of 40 to win a qualifying tournament in November. (There were four qualifying tournaments.) They won the Strategy and Innovation Award, which advanced them to the KC Regional First Lego League Tournament being held at Union Station this weekend. This is really something to be proud of! Good luck to The Bricksters, as they compete against the top 40 teams in the KC area!

Saturday, Jan. 16

  • Greater KC 1st Lego League Competition ~ Union Station

Monday, Jan. 18

  • MLK Day - Students not in session

Tuesday, Jan. 19

  • Boys Basketball @ Lakeview MS- 4pm

  • Girls Basketball vs. Lakeview - PCMS - 4pm

Wednesday, Jan. 20

  • Platte Valley Bank Day ~ Bring your deposits!

Thursday, Jan. 21

  • STUCO Meeting - Forum Room - 7am

  • Girls Basketball @ Kearney Jr. High - 4pm

  • Boys Basketball vs. Kearney - PCMS - 4pm

Saturday, Jan. 23

  • Science Olympiad Tournament - Kearney

Monday, Jan. 25 - Thursday, Jan. 28

  • Basketball Tournament - TBD