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Smore Project

As a result of Friar Lawrence giving Juliet the “sleeping potion”, it ultimately costed Romeo and Juliet their lives. When Romeo found Juliet “dead” after taking the potion Romeo couldn't live without her. Act V, Scene III. Juliet thinks she will be happier in heaven, “ My husband is on earth, my faith is in heaven”. Act III, Scene IV.

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Movie, Lion King 2

As a result of Friar Lawrence marrying Romeo and Juliet, it ultimately costed them their lives. in Lion King 2, Kiara, falls in love with the son of exiled lioness, Zira who is set out for revenge. In Romeo, and Juliet Romeo kills Tybalt and Paris out of anger for loving Juliet. If Romeo and Juliet wouldn't of gotten married behind their parents back, they wouldn't be dead. Romeo and Juliet knew they would die together. (Movie, lion king 2)

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Novel, West Side Story

The West Side Story, by Irving Shulman is similar to Romeo and Juliet. It's about two lovers whose relationship is in jeopardy because of family violence. It's about a group of people who immigrate to the states from Puerto Rico. But the Americans didn't want them here, so they create two groups. The leader do the Jets falls In love with the daughter of the sharks leader. (Novel, west side story)

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