Citizen Altichron Eco-Drive

Citizen Altichron Eco-Drive Promaster

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Citizen Altichron Eco-Drive Promaster BN4026-09E Mens Watch

Analogue displays come in galore, most of them boasting about performing wonders when duty calls. Want to take it 10,000 metres up above? No problem, for they surely know you won’t be going that high. They claim so to impress you and finally, you end up buying a watch that never gets tested. Vanity rules supreme for the 90% of the population. For the remaining, there’s the Citizen Promaster Altichron Eco-Drive.

No cheap marketing gimmicks here; the International Standard Atmosphere publication from the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) doesn’t fake. Their comments either make or break a piece of equipment and sturdy comes as a big certification for the high-performance Alti-Chron! It doesn’t deviate from its basic function of time-telling; yet doubles up as an altimeter as long as you stay within 10,000 metres and a depth meter till 300 metres under the sea level.

It was in 2013 that Discount Citizen Men's Watches brought out the remake of the actual 1989 Altichron or call that remodelling if you want to. The 24 years of gap produced something exhilarating with lot more tricks up its sleek, but then again, its looks this time were out of this world! The new Altichron showed how a mere tool watch can look cool without shunning any of its duties; the showiness taking it leaps and bounds above putting it just as a professional tool. Enough said! Let’s take a peek into its technicalities now.

The digital sensor makes the compass and altimeter work. Time and date depends on the Citizen Watches for Mens motor inside and a power reserve indicator tells you when you need to feed it next. It is a handy feature that lets you know how much charge is left and whether it can do if you leave it sitting around rotating your other watches. At 49.5mm, it is not an everyday office wear, so the power reserve indicator is a sensible addition. However, its titanium case lessens the load to a great deal and to say the truth, it’s the analog format that truly brings out the beauty of Titanium. And Citizen Watches Online does that without cutting down even a bit of functionality. None can blame it on the grounds of missing even a single count, which means, it’s all about a simple, enjoyable and viewable operating experience, not just some dry reading as you were used to in your college lab.

But take note: The Citizen Altichron is no diver despite its capability to gauge depths. It’s an emergency diver, though; when you have nothing at hand, you may use the Altichron as a substitute. A climber’s watch per se, it gives you more precise increments when you go up the wall. And the best part is: It’s not insanely priced!