King tut

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King tut

King tut was born in Egypt , and died in 1323 Bc. He was about 19 year old when he died. He died with a broken leg and also an disease that a mosquitos was infected when ir was bitten to King tut. Tut was a blip in Egyptian history until 1992. When some explore hit play dirt, and found his three thousand year old mummy, nestled inside a giant sarcophagus. King tut had a disease that was called malaria. The mosquitos was infected with malaria, which bitten King tut that cause his death. Malaria had a treatment , and it was anti malaria drug.

Interesting facts

  • Tutankhamum was the only King for about 10 years before dying in his late teens. It was estimated that he ruled from
  • Tutankhamun and his wife had no children, although Ankhesenpaaten did miscarry twice. The bodies of two stillborn baby girls were mummified and placed in Tutankhamun's tomb in small coffins.

1324 bc

Died in 1323 Bc 19 year old


  • Palpitations- an unusually or obnormally rapid or violent beating of the heart.
  • Koehler -it a German surname Kohler referring to a man making chareoal from wood.
  • Sarcophagus-na stone coffin especially one bearing sculpture, inscriptions, etc
  • Abscesses- a suiolien area within body tissue , containing an accumulation of pus.

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