Natural Building Course

Earthship style huts using plastic bottles

Building an Earthship style hut using plastic bottles

Come learn how to build an Earth ship style hut using plastic bottles. Other Earth ship building principles will be briefly covered and the Earth ship book series including excerpt sections will be available for self study.

Students of each 30 day course seminar will participate as a group to build and complete one small hut. Upon completing the course and having developed the basic skills in cement masonry and lyme and Earthen plaster construction, the students will be well equipped to build their own Earth ship style hut or further their education and fully develop all the needed skills to build a full blown Earth ship of their own!

Natural Building Course

Monday, Nov. 14th, 8am to Friday, Dec. 16th, 12pm

Unitedville‎, Cayo, Belize

Unitedville‎, Cayo

Come learn how to build an Earth ship style hut using only plastic bottles, rebar, mortar, Lyme and Earth plaster! For more information see our webpage

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30 day seminar