Weekly News

June 6-10

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Gold Rush Day is on Thursday, June 9

Gold Rush Day is here! Get ready for an awesome adventure this Thursday, June 9.

Dress the part:

Suggested clothing- Miner: Jeans, flannel shirt, boots, and a hat. Add a gold mining pan (pie tin decorated with glitter), face paints for beard and some "dirt".

Girls can wear a white blouse, long skirt, or a long cotton dress and a bonnet. They can wear flannel shirts and jeans, too.

Walk Through California is on Tuesday, June 14

This is an exciting event. Parents are welcome to attend this on site program. Our scheduled time is 11:30-2:00 in the multi-purpose room.

Your child was assigned a topic that pertains to California. This card must be memorized.

Students are encouraged to wear clothing that represents times periods in California history. They may choose from any era. Suggestions follow:

Miner: Jeans, flannel shirt, boots, and a hat.

Missionary: A brown or gray robe with a robe belt, a cross around your neck.

Native American: Different Native American tribes wear different types of clothing.

Spanish Explorer/Conquistador: Create armor from cardboard and foil/spray paint. Wear a silver-colored helmet.

Pioneer: Girls can wear a white blouse, long skirt, or a long cotton dress and a bonnet. Boys can wear pants with a white shirt, vest and a coonskin cap.

Governor: Dressy pants, a suit jacket and tie. Carry a briefcase.

Farmer: Overalls with a flannel shirt, a straw hat and a basket of fruits and vegetables.

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Room 207's Spelling Bee is June 10.
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We continue reading, By the Great Horn Spoon! This week we savor the last chapter. We play By the Great Horn Spoon Jeopardy and take a comprehension test on Wednesday.


State testing is complete. However, students will have a 4th grade cumulative assessment on Ten Marks. Results will determine individual math assignments for the remainder of the school year.


Students glaze their ceramic California flag. We will have back just in time for the the last day of school! Thank you so much Arts Attack parent helpers. We could use more help. Please consider stopping by from 11:30-12:30 today.

Parent Volunteers

I am so grateful to have had a wonderful group of volunteers this year. Thank you over and over again! All of your many hours of help are greatly appreciated.

I hope you had a chance to join us at the Volunteer Appreciation breakfast.

No need for class time volunteers for the remainder.

Please feel free to join us at Gold Rush Day if you would like to continue to participate in helping our wonderful group of almost 5th graders!

Paper Towels

If you have an extra roll of paper towels, please send it our way. We will be cleaning house next week. Thank you!

Coming Up

  • 6/6 Arts Attack
  • 6/7 Last day of square dancing practice.
  • 6/9 Gold Rush (Full day)
  • 6/14 Walk Through California (This is an on site presentation and all parents are welcome to come to it.)
  • 6/16 End of the Year Party
  • 6/17 Last Day of School

Have a wonderful week!

~ Mrs. Jones