Manuel Blasdel

The Good Me


Born: Cleveland, Ohio on May 26th, 1996

Mother And Father: Scott & Valerie Blasdel

Siblings: Isabela Blasdel, Tomas Blasdel, Evangelina Blasdel, Jorgie Blasdel

Lived: Cleveland Ohio (3 years), Houston Texas (7 years), Newton North Carolina(present)

Schools Attended: Smith Elementary (Houston, Texas) {K-3}, Startown Elementary (Newton, North Carolina) {4-6}, Maiden Middle School (Maiden, North Carolina) {7}, Concordia Lutheran School (Conover, North Carolina) {8}, University Christian High School (Conover, North Carolina) {9}, Newton-Conover High School (Newton, North Carolina) {10-12}, Duke University (Durham, North Carolina) {All For Years}

High School Basketball Career: At UCHS (MVP Award), NCHS (All Conference all 3 years), North Carolina State Champion In Basketball, Most points scored in NCHS History, Most assists in an high school game (39)


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Duke University

At the end of my senior year at Newton-Conover High School I was averaging 28.6 points, 13.4 assists and 2.6 steals as the starting point guard for our varsity basketball team. My main man, Wilson Elliott and I helped our team to bring Newton-Conover their first basketball state championship beating Shelby High School. There were many colleges and universities that were looking at me to play basketball at the next level. There were five that I was really looking at and those schools were Duke University, NC State University, University of Tennessee, University of South Carolina and Florida State University. When It came to signing day I knew Wilson was going to play at the University of North Carolina since that was his favorite school. My decision was to become a Blue Devil and continue my basketball career at Duke. Throughout those four years at Duke, Wilson and I split the Duke-UNC games. I won eight and I won 8. I was the ACC and NCAA Freshman of the year. I helped Duke win a NCAA National Championship my sophomore and senior year. We were ACC regular season champs 3 out of the 4 years. We won the ACC tournament 2 years (UNC beat us my junior year). My team and I helped Coach K receive his 1000th win against Boston College at a score of 102-78. Mr. Krzyzewski passed away the year I left Duke.

Playing basketball at Duke was won of the greatest experiences of life. Coach K and my teammates taught me so much and that is why I was successful in the NBA.

Austin Rivers Game Winning Buzzer Beater - Duke Beats Carolina

NBA Bound

In the 2018 NBA Draft I was picked #1 overall. The team that chose me was the Charlotte Hornets. I couldn't not wait to play against some of the greats Kyrie Irving, Jabari Parker, Anthony Davis, Victor Oladipo and many more.

My contract was for 6 years $112,000,000. I couldn't wait to start my first season as an NBA player. In my first game I scored 18 points and added 6 assists. I thought that, that performance was a great one to start off your career. We ended up beating the New Orleans Pelicans 99-91 in the 2019 season opener.

Throughout my 14 years in the NBA I stayed with the Charlotte Hornets all 14 years. I made the all-star team every year. Some of the awards that I won were, Rookie of the Year, 7 MVP Awards, 2021 and 2022 3-Point Champion, Slam-Dunk Champion, 2027 All Defensive Team. I led the Hornets to their first NBA Championship my third year playing in the NBA.

On January 17th, 2024 the Hornets were playing the Lakers. That game I passed Scott Skiles for most assists in a single NBA game. He had 30, I had 32.

The NBA taught me a lot as I was growing up as an adult. I became a man who was making his own decisions. I got to play against some of the greats in the NBA. Now in North Carolina everyone knows me as, "#22, the man who turned Charlotte around." Playing for the Hornets changed my life greatly.

Retirement Then Success

After retiring from playing professional basketball I start my own Basketball Camp named, Ball Is Life North Carolina. The camp has three locations (University of North Carolina at Wilmington, Eastern Carolina University and Appalachian State University) All the money raised by the camp is sent to the charity that I also started which is called, The Blasdel Charity. On average we have around 600-700 kids who attend all of our camps. This camp helps to teach kids (boys only) the fundamentals of the game of basketball. The kids play games and do drills so that they become a great player and a great person. The camp is considered a Christian camp because we live by one motto.

Philippians 4:13 - "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

The camp is five days long and is overnight. We have had many kids come out of the camp who have gone to Division 1 schools to play basketball. (Michael Richardson, D.J. Lewith, etc...) The camp has grown drastically since it's opening in 2038.

Creating the camp, Ball Is Life North Carolina, has been a great deal to me. It has given me a different point of view of how younger people see the game. It has taught me to be a great leader in which I give kids the ability to be great athletes and people. If I would have not started, Ball Is Life North Carolina, then I would be an old retired fart sitting on his couch. I love teaching kids of course I love being around anything that involves basketball and Jesus Christ.

The All-American Ball Is Life North Carolina Teams

Preaching The Word Of God

Ever since I started Ball Is Life North Carolina Basketball Camp, I became very interested in becoming a public speaker. I was a Christian who loved talking about God, therefore I decided to be a Christian and Inspirational for teams in troubled cities. At first I thought this was going to be a hard thing to do, but I knew God had a plan for me and that was to teach kids to be incredible basketball players and preach his word.

My first assembly was at Abraham Lincoln High School In Philadelphia. I was a little nervous at the beginning but once I started to meet the players of their basketball teams ( JV and Varsity) I started to see that this was going to be good to the kids. At that assembly/speech I told the kids that Jesus Christ fought his toughest battles so that we can be forgiven and go to Heaven. I always tie basketball with Christianity so that the kids can understand that basketball is a privilege to play. I love preaching to kids. I do this so that they become better people and better athletes in whatever sport they play. I love what I do.